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7846  General Chat / Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / ::Dragon's Lair - Space Ace Artwork on: November 09, 2004, 07:04:39 PM
Salut Greg,

Tout d'abord merci pour avoir jeter un oeuil sur mon site... Je suppose que tu dois être fan de Dragon's Lair  roll eyes  Twisted  Twisted N'hesite pas a m'envoyer une photo de ta borne, en train de jouer a Dragon's Lair ou Space Ace, c'est que j'ai une rubrique à remplir moi  roll eyes  Cool  

J'ai pas mal de posters Dragon's Lair & Space Ace, qui sont a mon avis des bonnes bases pour la vectorisation... heuu mais a propos, pouquoi veux tu passer par une vectorisation des images ? A cause du resizing ?

J'vais essayer de te dégoter une ou deux super bonnes images, et hop, au boulot my friend ;-)

En tout cas tu a fait un chouet' boulot sur le premier layout pour Atomic vu sur http://www.mame-univers.net

Keep your good work  Cheesy
7847  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / Photos De Ma Borne Sega Aero City on: November 07, 2004, 08:53:35 PM
Salut Codex, and welcome to this forum  Cheesy

Elle est super ta borne, félicitation  Cool

Tu l'as acheté a un particulier ou a un professionel ?

En tout cas elle en jette pas mal grace a son look 'plus japonais tu meurt'  

Le moniteur a l'air giganteste  Twisted  Twisted  Quelle taille fait il ?
Tu connais la marque du moniteur au fait ?

Avec trois boutons par joueur tu risque d'être un peu limité si tu veux te mettre à mame ( mais est ce ton intention ? )... Si il te faut des conseils, je suis prêt a répondre a toutes tes questions  :idea:  :idea:  :idea:
Avec un petit trackball de chez ultimarc ( plus petit que celui de happs ) , quelques boutons et un slikstick spinner...  Cool  roll eyes  Vu le control panel de ta borne, le gros du travail sera de voir comment incorporer les nouveaux elements, voire de refaire un CP completement...  Il semble en plasitque pour la partie visible, et une plaque de metal en dessous c'est ca ?

Sinon, sur les photos, ta borne donne l'impression d'être très basse... Est ce le cas ?

N'hésite pas si tu as des questions, et merci pour ta visite  roll eyes

7848  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / The Gauntlet Legends / Mame Daphne Project - in progress... on: October 27, 2004, 08:05:20 PM
26th of October 2004 :

I've received the Ultimarc IPAC4 USB, and ... the Gauntlet Legends playstation version  shock    

...to be continued...
7849  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / The Gauntlet Legends / Mame Daphne Project - in progress... on: October 27, 2004, 06:17:11 PM
24 th of October 2004 ( afternoon ) :

Well, a little & easy thing to do : How to properly fix and arrange all the socket-outlets?

The existing one on the Gauntlet Cab' will be the main cable ! I don't want to make holes in the cab' for exiting the PC and soundboard power cables -> too ugly  Evil

 Tongue  Tongue  The force is with me  Cool  Cool  Cool

Inside the Cab, there are special power connectors free :

Ok, then let's cut a complete PC powercable, and the powercable from the soundboard :

... and connect them to the free positions ...

... it done :

So now, I only have to activate the original Gauntlet switch located at the back of the cab, and everything are power up : Gauntlet marquee light, monitor, soundboard...  Twisted  Cool

... to be continued  Cool
7850  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / The Gauntlet Legends / Mame Daphne Project - in progress... on: October 23, 2004, 11:13:27 PM
23 th of October 2004 ( evening ) :

Now let's fix on the cab the custom switch/led control panel...

I need power glue to fix the switch  on the custom cover, wood screws & cable ties for fixing the whole panel inside the cab' :

Ok, now I've fixed the switches with glue.

Inside the cab, behind the coins door, everythink is black   arrow  I don't want to see cables with other colors than black  Twisted

I'm using black ruban to hide all the cables.

Let's fix the HP pcb hack inside the cabinet, just behind the coins door for easy access, with 2 screws, and use cable ties to attach the custom power/led control panel :

it looks great for me   Cool  Cheesy

Ok, so on the custom panel, in front :

- Powerswitch
- Reset switch
- Computer Power green led
- HP sound board green led
- Computer HDD red activity led

and in the bottom of my custom panel

- Hp soundboard volume control
- Hp soundboard power switch

in action :

Since this custom panel build, I don't need to have the computer outside the cab, and even better, I don't need to acces the front of the computer anymore... As you can see on the following picture, all the cables / connexion are easy accessible when I open the backdoor of the cabinet. And the computer will be easily removable for maintenance  :idea:  Cheesy

I also fixed the Universal Video Converter, near the monitor.

Voila, now I'm waiting for the others parts ( IPAC4, Joy49way adapter, trackball, spare Gauntlet Legacy CP, ...)

... and the most difficult part of this project are coming...  roll eyes  confused   arrow  Build the Control Panel ...

To be continued  Cool
7851  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / The Gauntlet Legends / Mame Daphne Project - in progress... on: October 23, 2004, 09:21:19 AM
23 th of October 2004 ( morning ) :

Here's the assembled view of the switch / led and the modified cover. Note at this point there aren't fixed definitevely toether ( need 'super glue' ) :

The empty hole will be for the sound power led.

Yeahhhh it's working, no mistake !  Cheesy  Cheesy  Cheesy

Ok, so now each time I've to remove the computer from the Cab', I just to unplug one serial db9 from the computer.   :idea:  
I've to choice now where to put my 'custom made' power/led panel... I'll check that l8ter...  arrow

The power/led is now solved, let's take care abound sound in mame...

The HP Computer Speaker Hack  Twisted  Twisted  Twisted  

I already done such kind of hack previously, in my first mame cab  roll eyes  

Let's do it again...

The victim :

 :idea:  The idea is to use only the electronic parts, not the speker themsefl... I'll use the original Gauntlet speakers of course  Exclamation

After breaking it, here's what to use :

Now, remember my basis idea : Preserve the original Gauntlet parts ... So I don't want to remove  existing wires, and I want to be able to switch from Mame configuration to Gauntlet Legends easily, without cut or use soldier  confused

So for all new wires, I'll use these parts [ by the way, sorry for my poor english  oppps  :cry: ] for easy swap

With this kind of adapter I'm able to plug easily my custom board hack :

Ok time to put everything together...  roll eyes  Cool   Yeah no problem at all... I able to listen DREAM THEATER '6:00' on my Gauntlet Cab  Twisted  Twisted  Twisted   roll eyes

Well, the last step for the audio / power / led pannel will be this question : " how to put them together, and how & where to install them ?

The answer is the next post ... to be continued  roll eyes  
7852  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / The Gauntlet Legends / Mame Daphne Project - in progress... on: October 23, 2004, 12:27:33 AM
22 th of October 2004 :

Ok, it's time to incorporate the engine inside this cab, i mean to put the computer in it  confused

A real cabinet use button or switch to power on , and of course I don't want to power a computer each time I want to play... so how to hide the computer, but keeping it easy to switch on  roll eyes  confused:

The solution is easy :to hack the PC led / power switch... here it is before the hack :

Zoom on the 4 items to hack : power switch, reset switch, power led & hdd power :

All of them are now unplugged from the computer front panel. Here they are sitll connected on the motherboard:

Nice to have power switch far from the computer, but what if I have to remove the computer from the cab, I mean for swaping hardware or repair  confused:  And I don't want to touch the cables inside the computer anyway so  confused:  confused:  confused:


OK, here my solution, let's have a look at this :

I'll hack serial connectors  Twisted  Twisted  Twisted

Here's the first hack.... it will link the motherboard pins to the outside serial male db9 plug :

In the same time; I need a small and nice front panel for the power/reset swith & power/hdd led... but mmmm roll eyes  mmmm the original computer front panel has been detroyed in order to remove all the stuff, my first idea is to use this :

I get the cover from a 5 1/4 pc slot... resized, and 4 holes VOILA  Smiley  
Oh by the way, the first use of my new Black & Decker tools is sweeet  ( thanks Hanh ) Tongue  lol

... to be continued ;-)    ( too tired this evening oppps  confused  )
7853  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / The Gauntlet Legends / Mame Daphne Project - in progress... on: October 21, 2004, 02:29:43 PM
21th of October 2004 :

I got this :  Cheesy  Cheesy  Cheesy

Indispensable tools for Arcade Games Renovation  Cool   Exclamation  Exclamation  Exclamation

to be continued...  
7854  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / The Gauntlet Legends / Mame Daphne Project - in progress... on: October 19, 2004, 07:52:49 PM
18th of October 2004 :

Got packages from HAPP CONTROL & SlikStik  Tongue

Here's the all the stuff in the box :

Many cables / wires / pushbuttons...

... but most important :


The TORNADO SilkStik Spinner ( the best ever ) :

Ok, the MAME project can start now  Twisted

First of all, remove the Gauntlet Legends PCB (huge°  confused  Twisted

Note that the Gauntlet Legends game in a JAMMA+ pcb, so easy to plug off, exept the four 49ways joysticks directly connected on the pcb itself.

Note at this point : I've ordered 2 converter Happ49joy to USB from DAVE ... Hope I'll get them fast  roll eyes  roll eyes  roll eyes

Ok, now the pcb is completely removed... naked on the floor :

note the 3DFX card connected on the pcb...

Ok, as I said previously I don't want to change any original Gauntlet part, as far as possible, so... to connect the HAPP Universal Video Converter to the Monitor [Wells Gardner 27K7501] I prefer to build an home made cable than to transform the existing Jamma one...

SO i cut  from an old AT power supply two cables that fit EXACTLY the WG monitor pin in / UVC pin out :

Finished :

confused:  Ok, now it's time to plug everything and power on  Exclamation  Exclamation    confused

WOW, the image is FANTASTIC, it's really look like a PC monitor  Cheesy  Cheesy

It's a great to see a computer picture on an arcade monitor. the WG is a medium resolution, so that's the reason why (IMO) the picture looks so beautifull ( comparing to my other low res arcade monitors ), but I'm sure the UVC does a great job too    Cool

Ok, go back to the wiring... I was so hurry to plug everything... what a mess for this 'HURRY TESTING CONFIGURATION'  Cool  

Now it's time to start mame & check the picture quality on the move... I mean the quality of the scrolling by exemple  Twisted  roll eyes   confused:

Ok let's start with my usual game test : PACMANIA and his fantastic Horizontal/Vertical smooth scrolling...

PERFECT ! PERFECT... no de-synch at all while the low smooth scrolling... I'm using Synch to Monitor refresh option in mame87 and I force the output to 800x600.

 ( Ops, by the way I'm using an Athlon 2.2GB 512ram ATI Radeon9200 nut I'll describe later my full configuration )

Ok few 'in game' pictures :

Gauntlet, the original one  Cool

And last, but not least my baby  

Ok... I've to wire properly now ... so to be continued  Cool  Cool
7855  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / for the fun : NBAJAM 'Mamified & Daphned' ;-) on: October 11, 2004, 09:48:50 PM
... While i'm waiting full parts to achieved my Gauntlet Legends Project, I'm putting ArcadeVGA & JPAC ( not needed for Gauntet because it's a jamma+ and 25Khz monitor ) into my NBA JAM tournament cab'

- Time to prepare the computer : install & configure old mame without GUI, MameWha  & Dragon's Lair / Space ace,  ArcadeVGA : 30 minutes
- Time to plug JPAC -> 1 minute  Cheesy

Plug & Play ! Thanks ULTIMARC  Cheesy  Cheesy  Cheesy

Now it's time to tune all the programs  Twisted  Twisted  Twisted
7856  General Chat / Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / merci on: October 11, 2004, 01:13:05 PM
A ton service ;-)

Good luck  Cool  Cool  Cool
7857  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / The Gauntlet Legends - Mame/Dreamcast project ...and finally back to GL :-) on: October 11, 2004, 12:38:24 PM
OK, here's the plot... 11th of September 2004 [ sad birthday date, bad coincidence ] I bought four arcade games cabinet at my local arcade game shop : AB Cop, NBA Jam, Virtua Fighter and GAUNTLET Legends, for a real nice deal. All perfectly working and great condition ! Especially the Gauntlet Legends.

Ok, I Already have a Mame/Daphne cabinet, but on a generic arcade cabinet...   Cool

The fun is present, but the cabinet isn't spectacular... and it is too small for me, the control panel isn't accurate, and not finished at all...  confused

SO it's time to build my definitive Daphne/Mame cabinet... and the Gaunltet Cab' look perfect for that job  Cheesy

Ok, back to the local shop, here's the Gaunltet Legends, waiting for a decent house, mine  Cheesy   Exclamation

And the three other games :

Ok, fine to buy arcade games, but how to bring them at location  roll eyes  confused:

Charlxy, a friend of mine ( drummer in my band 'Vaselyne Connexion @ http://www.motherfucker.be ) was the solution. Thanks for help buddy ...  roll eyes  

Here's the man in action  Cheesy  Cheesy  Cheesy

What a beast isn't it ?  Twisted  Twisted  Twisted

And the others...

It was like an old drem, bringing back arcade games at home... fun to see people wondering what the F@# on the behind the car  Cheesy  Cheesy  Cheesy   Twisted  Twisted  Twisted

OH my god, these cab' are so loud  Evil  Evil  Evil  It was pretty easy to load them, but what a shame to install them on location in my house  Exclamation  Evil  Exclamation  shock I hope never doing that again soon  Cool

Ok, now let's just focus on the main purpose : GAUNTLET LEGENDS  Cool  roll eyes  :! ...the others games will have their own threat soon ...

Ok, the general condition of the cabinet is great, I give it a 9/10  Exclamation

See :

Only the control panel have some scratch on the corner on the side...

The control panel is PERFECT :

The game running fine, all joysticks / push buttons work perfect.

The only problem is the monitor  confused

It's a Wells Gardner 27K7501, 27" 25Khz medium resolution.

When playing the game, you don't see the problem, but when I go to the test mode-> monitor test, I've got a convergence problem, seeing at top left and in the down of the picture :

It's not notifiable when you're playing Gauntlet Legends, because it's a modern game, full of color and animation, but I wonder how it will looks when I'll play some old games with static display, and basic shapes  confused:  roll eyes

Living in Belgium isn't cool for few things.... confused:  confused:  confused:  buying an arcade monitor brand new by exemple  Evil  Evil  Evil
I can of course buying an Wells Garder from US but shipping cost is (price give by Wells Gardner directly) :

Door-To-Airport: $258.00
Door-To-Door: $358.00

Oppps  Exclamation  Sad  And for my project, I would like to use modern arcade monitor, with a VGA input connector.... and the best option is the Wells Garnder D9200 27".... It will perfectly fit in my Gaunltet Legends.... But as you know all, the D9200 has a lot of problem, even brand NEW  shock  Sad  So, I'm really not confortable for paying so much, and receive a defective one  confused

OK, then I call Happs control UK, and they are able to provide me a D9200 monitor but the price raise up... matter of taxes, import, blablbabla... ok  :x  confused  roll eyes

Ok, I don't have to be so hurry... monitor is the most expensive part of an arcade game... expect the Jamma+ Gauntlet Legends game itself...

So let's check if I can find others kind of arcade monitor in europe  confused

 Cool  Cool  Cool YEEEESSSSS  Smiley  an HANTAREX monitor distributor is located in... BELGIUM  Cool  Cool  Cool and they sell the ultimate arcade monitor : The  famous POLOSTAR... but no luck for me : there are a 25" or 28"  Evil  Evil  Evil  no 27"  Evil  Evil  Evil

The 25" will look to small inside the cab, the 28" won't fit at all !!! Sad !!!

So I try to found other alternative   :idea:   found a TV CRT to put inside the cab  confused:   It's a serious option... but I decided to choose something else first :

The Universal Video Converter from happs

It allows to get a signal from a VGA 15 pin connector and convert it to display on the 25Khz monitor.

Remember my convergence monitor problem... It maybe won't be too notifiable on most of game, so before changing my monitor, I prefere to check it first with the UVC convertor.

 roll eyes  roll eyes  roll eyes Ok, before knowing that my monitor was a 25Khz and not a standart 15khz, I have ordered an ARCADEVGA card + JPAC from ultimarc. Here's the order :

Well, it will be useful for another cab'  oppps  roll eyes    

OK, now the great DEBATE : preserve an original game, or MAME the cab  confused:  roll eyes  Exclamation

BOTH !!!

I won't destroy that wonderful cab', but I really want to use it for all my others games ( Daphne, mame, PC or even PS2... ), so what to do  confused: ...

The Control Panel is perfect, and it will be a crime to modify it  Exclamation  Evil

My first idea was to buy a brand new QuaD SlikStick pannel :
, but :

1) It's expensive, even if the quality worth it, because, as always the shipping cost for Beglium are huge
2) Without control panel overlay, the Gauntlet Legends won't be Gauntlet Legends anymore...
3) many adaptation have to be done to fix the SlikStick Quad on the Cab.

So.... What to do  confused:

The solution is EBAY... The FORCE is with me :

Here's the magical parts :

1)Midway Gauntlet Dark Legacy control panel that is complete and in excellent condition :

Thanks Garth for shipping it from Canada ;-)

2)Midway Gauntlet Legends metal control panel  :

Thanks Kyle  for shipping it from US ;-)

I've won these 2 items last week, so I'm hardly waiting the packages  roll eyes  Cheesy  Twisted

I won't touch to my original Control Panel, so I'll preserve the original !

I'll transform the Dark Legacy Control Panel, adding buttons, spinner, trackball, ...

The order to happs are already done... now I'm waiting for :

- IPAC4 ... hey, I'm a Gauntlet owner, so it must be 4 players pannel !!! ( to order )
- SlikStick Tornado Spinner ( order has bee done, on the way... )
- Dark Legacy Complete CPO + Gauntlet Legends Overlay ( from ebay, on the way ... )
- UVC + pushbuttons from happs ( order has been done, on the way... )

- Trackball ( to order )
- 4 joysticks 8-ways ( to order ). The original Gauntlet Legends joysticks are 49ways optical... I'm looking now if it's possible to use them as a 8ways... any ideas ?

... to be continue  Cool  
7858  General Chat / Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / 83 on: October 10, 2004, 07:20:25 PM
Salut fifi83,

Ben en fait tout depends ce que tu veux faire... Je suppose que veux jouer à la version arcade de Dragon's Lair. Pour cela tu as trois possibilités :

- Acheter sur le site de digital leisure la version CD-rom arcade athentic ou bien le trouver sur ebay.com pour une bouchée de pain. Et la, tu installe le jeu et 'roule ma poule'. C'est la solution la plus facile, et tu sera a environ 95% de l'authenticité question gameplay par rapport a la version arcade

- Acheter sur le site de digital leisure la version DVDRom de dragon's Lair ( attention, la version DVD rom pour PC, par pour lecteur DVD de salon ), puis utiliser le programe DVD2DAPHN ( en telechargement gratuitement sur le site de daphne ) pour converir le tout en MPG, puis d'utiliser le sublime emulateur DAPHNE pour jouer avec la veritable rom de Dragon's Lair et là, c'est le nirvana... C'est la solution la plus 'space' mais la meilleur en terme d'authenticitée ( a part jouer avec le vrai laser disc  Tongue  )... Je t'expliquerai step by step si tu choisi cette solution, don't worry  

- Acheter une des differentes version sur CD-Rom pour dos/win95 que tu trouve a quelques euros sur ebay, mais dans ce cas, c'est pas trop ca... a compression de l'image n'est pas terrible, et en plein ecran ce sera carrément laid... en plus le gameplay n'a rien a voir avec la version originale...

Si tu es fan de mame, je suppose que tu voudras telecharger la rom, mais a la difference des jeux mame qui tiennent sur des composants electronque, la borne Dragon's Lair est equipée d'un laser disc... il te faut donc absolument les images...

Pour la rom, elle est en telechargement gratuit sur The Dragon's Lair Project.
Pour le fichier video, franchement le prix de la vesion DVD rom est tellement ridicule et encore moins cher d'occaz sur ebay qu'il serait triste d'essayer de le pomper sur le web  Sad

N'hésite pas si tu as des questions...

7859  General Chat / All the rest / Welcome guys ;-) on: September 15, 2004, 08:41:49 PM
This forum his back, after two HUGE downtime :-(
All previous post are lost :-(

Anyway, welcome to everyone :-)
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