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1  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: Galaxian 3 and Attack of the Zolgear shirts coming from Namco! on: August 26, 2021, 07:01:31 PM
That's really cool! They even got Starblade Operation Blue Planet!   Kiss
Will definitively got few, thanks for the notification!  Space Ace Space Ace Space Ace
2  General Chat / 'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: French ebay and "Le Bon Coin" on: June 27, 2021, 03:03:53 PM
A rare one : Taito Interceptor, best offer right here.
3  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / Re: I'm building my personal Gaming Room... on: June 23, 2021, 03:34:11 PM
Hey Barry,

I'm currently cleaning the place. I worked on several machines (repair), but also re arranged the place due to the space left after the departure of the Galaxian3. So it's a little bit messy but yes, I'll post soon pictures of the V3 'post G3' era  Smiley
4  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: Starblade Mirror Shape and Dimensions? on: June 05, 2021, 11:02:30 AM
OK guys, finally got the time to do it, here's the sizes of that beast :

I hope this can help.
5  General Chat / All the rest / Re: Does anybody know how to kill those blue info circles in Retro Pie? on: June 04, 2021, 08:27:41 PM
… what’s retro pie??

Not something for you, If I remember well  your first avatar here, the one with the kid... Wink Grin
6  General Chat / Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Re: Dragon's lair 3/4 cab build on: May 30, 2021, 06:54:57 PM
Hi Alfredo!

Thanks for sharing your project here  Kiss
This replica looks gorgeous, congratulation.
I personally would go with a CRT instead an LCD, but a CRT tube maybe was too big for your downsized cab? And also replaced the concave 'sword' buttons by convexes ones, to be a little bit more accurate?
Whatever, it looks great!  Space Ace Space Ace Space Ace
7  General Chat / All the rest / Re: Happy Bday Chris and Punkrock on: May 23, 2021, 06:01:12 PM
Yes, happy B*day Chris and Joerg  Smiley

But guys, we are drastically getting old a way to fast...  Ghost
8  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / Re: After burner dlx (pic heavy) on: March 25, 2021, 07:54:32 PM
Holy shit, what a view! 3 AB DX in a row!  Shocked  Kiss
9  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / Re: :: HISTORICAL & TITANIC BULK BUY / Road Trip' :: The Duke Of Lancaster on: February 06, 2021, 05:58:01 PM
Well I didn't have time to give love they deserved, so my Star Hawk is now gone to a famous Atari collector in France while my Condor went to another famous collector in Italy.
What a journey for these cabinets!  Cool
10  General Chat / 'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: French ebay and "Le Bon Coin" on: January 12, 2021, 11:03:16 AM
Namco Mach Storm still available, but now @ 4950€ (the seller is open to discuss the price a little bit but in front of the machine).
Damn, less than 30 min from my place!  Shocked
Temptation?  Roll Eyes
The link.
11  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Zaccaria Robot on: January 09, 2021, 08:27:12 PM
Is it a rare pinball? And/or an expensive one? I would like it in my collection! Guys, it looks so great! Tongue
12  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Zaccaria Robot on: January 08, 2021, 08:59:23 AM
Artworks on this are simply great!  Kiss
That is the way to draw old school robots!  Kiss
13  General Chat / All the rest / Happy new year on: January 02, 2021, 08:05:17 AM
Happy new year to all of you  Kiss
I'm happy to see there are still some of you who remember this place and come from time to time  Cool
I miss the 'golden years' of arcade collecting, the road trips, the arcade meetings, the dramas about emulation/original stuff  Grin , all the WIP on some fabulous cabinets,  ...well I miss a lot of you guys
Now the world goes crazy...who know how long and what's coming next...
Whatever, enjoy live!  Smiley
 Space Ace Space Ace Space Ace

14  General Chat / Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Re: Hello from Scotland and soon to be Luxembourg on: November 24, 2020, 09:27:20 PM
Welcome Back Simplesi  Smiley

Guys, I really wish all that covid shit will behind us very soon... I really miss arcade meetings.  Undecided 
15  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / Shooting Simulater 6 on: November 05, 2020, 06:15:39 PM
Shooting Simulater 6


I've just found this one on the web I've never seen before.
Interesting fact, there's no mention at all about 'Galaxian³' ... just "shooting simulater6"
One of the earliest made to announce the game to come?
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