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1  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / starblade on: May 31, 2005, 11:46:22 PM

 No, Other than you, I know of no other owners - oh, that guy that had the japanese one that posted earlier.  That's it.

I'm gona have to move it again, and am debating keeping it together or disassemble it to move.  I'm not looking forward to it. shock

A copy of the manual would be great!  just give me a link to it and I'll download it.  I'm sure KLOV would like a copy of it as well,since they don't have it listed, then it would be available for anyone who has a machine.

You're right, I think there might be only 10 or so people that privately own a starblade, and probably only 100 or so arcade owners that have them in their possession, most likely in the back of some dirty warehouse.  we are a rare few and I'm proud of that fact. It is "worth" it, like you said. (you actually said worst, which is the opposite of best - but I think the english language sucks too, so don't worry - I understood you
 Smiley  )
I gotta go, but I'll be around.  I get emails when people post to this thread.   Take care, and blast the enemy flagship!

Shawn aka yoalpster
2  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / another Starblade Saved!!!! on: May 26, 2005, 06:28:15 AM
Hi everyone - DarthNuno was nice enough to post on the board that I post on.

I recently got a Starblade in March and here is a pic:

There's more pics on my arcade page :

I have no manual, and the owner didn't know how to disassemble, so it was shipped on a truck from Pennsylvania to Kansas (890 miles/1433.7 Km)
2 pallets longx 1 pallet wide (48inches X 96 inches).  We had it dropped off at a lumber business and they forklifted it onto our trailer.  We drove it down the street to the garage and 3 of us got it off on one of the coldest March days imagineable.  freezing cold wind.  fighting big ugly machine.  We managed to tip it up, get the pallet out from under it, and use part of the pallet again as the ramp to get it off the trailer.  It nearly didn't fit in the garage, touching the garage door coming off the trailer, but we managed to get it off the trailer.  I bent one of the stabilizing feet, and broke off another, but we wheeled it in and shut the garage door.

The guy I bought it from said he purchased it from an amusement company for home use 5 years ago for $2100.  After years of wear and tear, the yoke was sticking to the right and not playing well, so he sold it on ebay, where I got it for the reserve price of $500 (I bid $512, and the buy it now was set at $1000).  Shipping was expensive, but not as much as the vehicle - first quotes wer $1200 for shipping, but I finally found a freight company who did it for $382, and that was below his  Buy it Now price, so I still think I got the good deal.  total cost, $882.

After playing the game all gimpy (bad yoke, plug it in right off the truck for the old "smoke test"), I decided to take off the yoke and give it a look.  It had some cracking on the plastic, but nothing a bit of glue couldn't fix.

His kids had managed to knock the teeth away from the bottom pot,making it stay to the right of the screen, and since the teeth were exposed, the teeth had cut through 3 wires.

I resoldiered the wire, bent the gear support back to where it was in the teeth and realigned the bugger.

For the guy to sell it for %25 of what he bought it for 5 years later because he was afraid to do a 3 wire and 1 bolt repair was just silly to me.  Bu t I'm glad he did Cheesy

I'm still in need of the monitor top board (my monitor is bare to the sky) and my strobelights need repplaced - the monitor could use a bit of color and brightness tweaking and the coindoor fixed, but other than that - it works and I love it.   I'm so glad Darth invited me over to share my story of the Starblade game with you, there is NO INFORMATION ON THIS GAME ON THE NET OR ANYWHERE that I can find.  just a couple of lucky guys making their own documentation for the rest of you Smiley.

If anyone ever makes it to the US and Kansas for that matter, look me up, email me and maybe we can play some games.  I speak english and nothing else, cuz I'm a dumb american, but that doesn't stop me from hating the prez (not my leader) or having fun playing games!
Keep the arcades open!
Shawn aka Yoalpster
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