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1  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: Galaxian Theater in Barcelona, Spain : any info? on: May 10, 2011, 07:26:18 AM
Hi Level42  Smiley
I wish I could have pictures of both GT-6 at least for historical purpouses  Smiley
I'm a lazy ass, if I had done all this 5 years ago... the interest in those machines came late to me  Sad
It looks like my fate is to want machines that I can't have/buy for a matter of months...
I can understand that is a business, not a NGO, so when they stop making money...
Anyways, operators would need an enormous storage area just for keeping what they don't use
You can find several machines saved from destruction, the problem is they have nothing ultraspecial because all are common cabinets, the real deal are those monters, dedicated cabinets that are out of this world, when they were created back in the 20th century, they already belonged to the 21st or 22nd one  Smiley
2  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: Galaxian Theater in Barcelona, Spain : any info? on: May 09, 2011, 06:46:32 AM
Bruno, you were asking for pictures of the New Park Las Ramblas, I asked about that and noone have anything, I suppose once more that the only source for pictures may be MGA (owner of all New Park franchises) I was able to find one picture looking at Google pictures, picture belongs to portalgameblogger.com, itīs an Indy 500 for four or five player, a massive machine too, it was located at the first floor of that New Park, same floor where there was the GT-6, they where at the opposite ends of that floor, sorry, no other pictures.
3  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: Galaxian Theater in Barcelona, Spain : any info? on: May 09, 2011, 06:36:05 AM
Bad News  Sad
After some info given to me and after some calls, it looks like the second Galaxian Theater that was located in the Port Aventura (Tarragona) also belonged to MGA (you know, the owner of the New Park arcades and so the owners of the other Galaxian Theater that was located in Barcelona) at first, a worker of the Port Aventura told me he thought the machines located in one of their 3 arcade rooms belonged to Grupo Ilusiona, I called them and discovered that they owned very few of the machines, mainly they did only maintenance for all of them, they told me that for sure the Galaxian GT-6 belonged to MGA Grupo, they don't know what happened to that machine when they closed the room where it was located so they told me to call MGA.
You already know about my bad experience with those at MGA so I'm not going to call them again, I'm sure they ended as tired of me as I was of them, anyways and knowing they way MGA do things, I can bet the machine is gone, crushed in any dumpster or whatever (I don't dare to imagine a picture of that) so for me it's over.
I thought the GT-6 at Port Aventura was the one that previously was at New Park but someone told me they were different machines (I can't confirm that) unfortunately the only source for exact info is MGA...
4  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: Galaxian Theater in Barcelona, Spain : any info? on: April 26, 2011, 07:02:37 AM
I Googled for Namco Station and found they have 2 of those places in Spain, one in Barcelona and the other in Madrid, I phoned both of them, but nothing about a GT-6, I use to live in Tarragona now but if I go to Barcelona or Madrid I'll check that with my own eyes as the girl in barcelona was very stupid, she was a little angry because someone called her before me asking for machines too and she thought I was the same person.
After my previous post I wanted to restart again my search for an R360 and also for a GT-6 like yours and it looks like there was another GT-6 in Port Aventura (a theme park here in the province of Tarragona) so it seems there were at least 2 GT-6 here in Spain, unfortunately the one in Port Aventura is also gone, I found someone who works there and told me he'll try to find info about what happened to that Galaxian Theater, I cross my fingers, maybe he'll find where it is now and I will be able to buy it, I'll jump on it and won't let her go until it becomes mine, my preciousssssssss  Grin
I don't know exactly when the New Park Las Ramblas closed but I'm sure it was more than 5 years ago and I don't have any picture of when I used to play there in the 90s, I'll try to ask for pictures in the same forum where I'm asking for help for finding the R360 and the GT-6

5  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: Galaxian Theater in Barcelona, Spain : any info? on: April 22, 2011, 07:27:16 PM
What "NAMCO Station"?, I don't know about anything like that here in Spain, last time I talked to that salesman of MGA here in Barcelona, he told me that the machines that were inside the New Park Las Ramblas were sold to someone but I don't remember if that "someone" was from Spain or an international buyer so I'm not sure if the Galaxian Theater Project Dragoon that was once in Barcelona is still in Spain or not, if it was in Spain, I would be interested in buying it but I'm not going to call again those individuals at MGA after my unpleasant experience with them...
Are you trying to locate the Barcelona GT-6 to buy it or only for curiosity?, if you are interested on it for buying it and need help talking to the owner then I can help, if you aren't interested on buying it and if you found it then please let me know as that is a machine I'd love to own toghether with an R360, D3BOS and/or an AS-1
6  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: Galaxian Theater in Barcelona, Spain : any info? on: December 10, 2010, 08:06:52 AM
Hi Bruno (and the others)
Thank you
It looks like I invented a new one "Super D3BOS"  Grin no "Super" just D3BOS  Smiley
It's burning me inside every time I think about it so my story (my nightmare) with MGA owners of New Park is this:
As I told you, they had an R360 in there and suddenly one day ( a long time ago in a galaxy far far aw.... no this is from another movie sorry) they retired that machine so I started investigations about who was the owner of New Park and finally I contacted with one guy at MGA, he told me they retired the R360 due to one problem he didn't explain the details of, I said I was interested in buying that machine so one magical day ( a long time ago) I did one of those rides you usually do, it was my first one and also my last one, so I had the rare pleasure to visit MGA's extremely big storage area about half an hour far from their headquarters, I'll always regreat not to bring my cam when I was there as they don't deal with collectors, in there I could see 3 complete R360 and another missing its attendant tower, also 3 D3BOS and other impressive machines so I said I would buy all the R360 and all the D3BOS, I remember they told me one price per machine and I offered them the half (I think they throw black magic on me for offering them the half of what they were asking for) finally after a few days that guy phoned me and said OK, they accepted my offer so I was going to be the owner of (4) R360 and (3) D3BOS, I started to ask for transport prices, the guy at MGA even started to send me an R360 manual and the special keys needed to service the machine and then the worst moment of my life came when he phoned my again to tell me that the MGA lawyers had stopped the sale because the company lost money with those machines and they needed them for accountant purposes
or something like that so finally they couldn't sell them  Embarrassed
The guy told me that if they ever allowed them to sell them, he would contact me. I kept phoning him year after year and the answer was always "not yet" finally on 2009 summer he told me they throwed them to the dumpster...
This summer I also found another big arcade here that had 2 R360 but the sad story was that they also throwed them to the dumpster 2 years ago so you can see my "good luck" on this...
7  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: Galaxian Theater in Barcelona, Spain : any info? on: December 08, 2010, 06:52:07 AM
"Spaniard friend" here =)
I think this is my first post and although a bit out of time, here's the answer:
I knew that place very well, that arcade center "New Park" in Las Ramblas (Barcelona) was a 2 stories high arcade center so you can imagine how much precious stuff was contained in there =)
I played lots of times their Galaxian Theater: Project Dragoon but also their twin Virtuality machines, their full scale Ridge Racer and many other incredible machines, talking about this brings me sad recalls (or memories? I'm not sure about the correct word) they had also a SEGA R360, a TAITO Super D3BOS, 6 machines linked inline that were full scale replicas of half an F1 car but I don't remember the name of that machine and many many many others.
This arcade center belonged to MGA a dealer of SEGA machines that's still based in Barcelona.
Unfortunatelly they closed that center and sold all what was inside =( I know that because I talked directly to one representative of MGA that I was unsuccessfully trying to make a deal with for a long time, I was angry with them so I didn't wanted to know exactly when they closed that center or who bought the machines (specially the G.T.6: P.D.) I would have bought that and others if the price was right.
I get mad every time I think about the people at MGA...
That's the little story of the "New Park" Las Ramblas arcade center, they were opened for many years, maybe from the Olympic Games in 1992...
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