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Artwork / Re: Anyone tried this store?
« on: October 11, 2014, 02:26:07 PM »
Stealing files is a really sad thing and pitiful behavior and the reason why I would never put artwork from me on the internet which I don't want to be reproduced with a financial benefit (though you can't always avoid it, especially when you are part of a online community)...

That's a pitty. If I thought like you, you wouldn't have a copy of the Smash TV artworks ;)

Putting the files on vectorlib means that everyone is going to be able to print them wherever and whenever they want. That's the main goal, preservation.

I think it won't be easy to get justice for a file where you don't really "own" the rights, after all the whole arcade artwork has been designed originally by other people so I don't think it's worth the try and go to a lawyer.

It's been never my intention :D. The rights are owned by the original artists who designed them more than twenty years ago, of course.

The Smash TV artworks are not the saint Graal, not even a hidden treasure or the Gollum's precious ring :D. These artworks are just an interpretation of the original ones (without halftone patterns and many other differences, as the dimensions of the side arts and the CPO that are not 100% accurate). If the original ones are badly damaged, maybe they are a good choice (if you doesn't bother about "fake" artworks ;))

I don't bother about people selling my work. I uploaded it knowing that this was going to happen.

You can say "Hey, I have a printing service where you can order any artwork from Vectorlib". That's absolutely fair. The only thing I can't stand is the "Mikonos way", I mean, people who claims to be the owner and designer of every piece of artwork he sells, arguing about how many hours he spent cleaning and tracing every line, when he knows it's not true. In other words, people who advertize artworks from Vectorlib, AFFA forum, Dragonslairfans and many others without mentioning the source of the files ;)

Artwork / Re: Anyone tried this store?
« on: October 10, 2014, 01:12:34 PM »
ThisOldGame is also selling Smash TV artwork, I wonder who's artwork is that then?

Yes, ThisOldGame is selling my artworks, but the main difference is that I allowed them to do that.

You can download any artwork from Vectorlib or similar websites and print it wherever you want, but advertising them as part of your printing service without the author's permission tells everything about the seller. Although Rich had these files from the beginning, he didn't post them on his website 'cause I requested him not to do that. Anyway, you could ask him to print them as you could do with any other artworks.

When Biomech011 told me about this Belgian guy, I allowed him to advertise them on ThisOldGame website. If anyone is going to get a profit, he has demonstrated me he is a reliable person. Without any doubt, Rich is the right guy ;)

Artwork / Re: Anyone tried this store?
« on: October 09, 2014, 03:09:20 PM »
I received some Smash TV arts today and I'm really satisfied. Communication was ace, shipping and packaging was ace too. I can't say something bad bout the prices too, I ended up paying 140 Euros incl. shipping for two really huge sidearts ( 100 x 200 cm each) and a monster of control panel. The quality is great too, very beautiful + sharp prints on thick vinyl. Highly recommended. :)

Btw: According to the tracking data it was shipped from TREVISO, Italy.

They're on ebay too:

:D, these artworks are mine ;)

Guess I just had luck then. Maybe it's best to avoid him. :(

Well, I wouldn't say you were lucky.

The quality of the printings you have has an easy explanation. They took the Smash TV artworks I sent to Zorg last year and just printed it. As the files are freehand format, the printings they sent you are good enough.

A KLOV user warned me about they were selling my artworks. All I can say is that I feel relieved that you weren't cheated  ;).

Anyway, this kind of behaviour is disgusting  >:(

Artwork / Re: Zaccaria - Scramble - Bezel Vectorized
« on: March 22, 2014, 12:03:18 PM »
I just can say...

Artwork / Re: Donkey Kong Cocktail CP Repro vector files
« on: March 22, 2014, 11:56:21 AM »
Good job, Etienne :)

I think Zorg was looking for these ones back in 2008. Maybe he's still interested on them ;)

Artwork / Re: Hi everyone!
« on: March 08, 2014, 12:44:29 PM »
Hi Gustavo, nice to see you here :)

Hello Gustavo and welcome here.  ;)

These custom artworks look gorgeous, congratulation!  :) Really love the TOKI one!
Never had to work on Dragon's Lair or Space Ace artworks by the way? 
Some beautiful artwork there, very nice :)
I really like the Snow Bros stuff.

If you are looking for someone to design your custom artworks, he is your guy without any doubt.

I've learnt from him (and another user called Chispamaster) almost everything I know about using Macromedia Freehand and Photoshop, like tips and techniques to apply to the arcade restorations. He has published many PS and Freehand tutorials on spanish forums and he's always willing to help anyone who need advice. As you can realize by looking at the sketches and the finished artworks, he is a huge artist and even more, he is a reliable person with a remarkable reputation.

He is also the author of many of the restorations of the Arcade Forever Free Arts section on this forum (and Tapule too of course ;)), which are free to download by every user with 100 messages posted at least. By the way, here you can check his work with the Ghouls & Ghosts CPO and download the full artworks too ;)

Artwork / Re: Pac land - Marquee - Vectorized
« on: January 27, 2014, 11:36:23 AM »
Great !, another repro guy who is willing to share  ! thats great !  :spaceace:

+1 ;)

thank you so much for sharing your work  :)

Artwork / Re: Zaccaria - Astro Wars Bezel+CPO+Plexi_Plan Vectorized
« on: January 27, 2014, 11:31:17 AM »
An Impressive job, dude!  :spaceace: :spaceace: And many thanks for sharing them ;)

By the way, looking at the control panel makes me wonder if it's the same as the Sea Scare one's. I'm tracing it and it looks like they share the same button layout. Anyone can tell me if I'm right? If so, having these measurements would save me a lot of work ;)

where is the " sea " in your version Chris ?  ;D
I wanted to let Paul surprise you with his restoration before making it available.
It's not like hundreds of people are waiting for this file  ;D

Thanks Béla!

Oh, sorry!

I searched the Internet but I didn't find it, so I decided to do it taking the flyer you posted as a guide. As I'm vectorizing the control panel, I thought that doing the marquee would be interesting too  :-[

Hi aioros,
Good work but I already did the marquee for Paul in October.
No need to do the job twice  ;)

I only found this picture, so I can guess who printed the marquee. He wrote in his own forum that he had restored it himself, as usual ;)

...and here is ChrisChris's artwork installed after printing :)



Nice job chrischris, and looks great once installed there indeed  :D  ::).

where is the " sea " in your version Chris ?  ;D

 ;D ;D ;D
His bezel was designed to show a new-moon night   :D  ;)



Thank you chrischris for posting the flyer :). It's just a recreation and the colours need to be corrected for sure, but it's a beginning  ;D

Artwork / Re: True Type advice needed
« on: January 17, 2014, 04:15:09 PM »

You can also guess what I'm vectorizing right now ;)

A spaceship, birds, an orange base? ;D  ;D, but all I can say is I'm scared right now ;)

No idea, looks like some kind of Archie font but hugely italic :D :D :D

As I see you have a hawk-eye for the fonts here, maybe you can tell me which is this one:

You can also guess what I'm vectorizing right now ;)

Looks like zaccaria joystick font

when i did the crazy kong panel i just traced this, so grab the crazy kong panel, and take out those letters  ;)

its not yet in the correct folder on my nas, but you can get the file here :

Thank you, I'll do it ::). By the way, nice job with that Crazy Kong control panel :)

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: my first roadtrip - Zaccaria Quasar
« on: January 16, 2014, 09:15:22 PM »
I see. I've also searched the Internet, but I haven't found it for free neither :(

By the way, maybe you can tell me which one is this ;)

Artwork / Re: True Type advice needed
« on: January 16, 2014, 09:13:43 PM »
No idea, looks like some kind of Archie font but hugely italic :D :D :D

As I see you have a hawk-eye for the fonts here, maybe you can tell me which is this one:

You can also guess what I'm vectorizing right now ;)

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: my first roadtrip - Zaccaria Quasar
« on: January 16, 2014, 12:17:55 PM »
I found this one:

It didn't match but was quite approximate. As you can see, some letters are very different, the "o" and the "b" for example. So in order to match as much as possible, I converted the whole text into paths and edited it. Not the best choice but it is an easy way to solve it ;)

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