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Jerks are now charging 400 per year, don't pay and everything you've posted over the years will now break!

Just a heads up to everyone, as all my archived posts are now ruined..

Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Dexter LaserDisc Replacement.... Thoughts?
« on: April 25, 2016, 10:19:39 PM »
I saw this because Bruno posted on FB.   If the Dexter has crystal clear video (no reason why it can't be)  I think this is a great idea. 

I'm considering this, to bulletproof my DL.   

Anyone else interested? 

Things have been a little quiet for me for a while...

Until our local T.V. Station came to do a feature on my game room!

Let me know what you think! ;D

This was an awesome game, and the creators are Kickstarting for funding to bring the game back in it's original glory... but a new game! 

I've backed this game for sure! 

If you're a fan, Back this now!!   :)

It's been a while since I've made a post, not much going on lately... until Houston Arcade Expo this year!

Got To Meet The King Of Kong!  He was cool, and I got to ask some questions to him!  Yes, Everything in KOK was for dramatization!  (he was not mean to Steve)  Also, was able to meet Walter Day of Twin Galaxies Fame!! It was so cool to meet them both.  They were very nice and eager to talk to everyone! 

Got some goodies for the game room, personalized also!!

Stacy got a warm welcome from Billy!   ;D

And besides the usual, Playing fun classic arcade games and pinball, Got to try Oculus Rift!   Finally, What was seen in The Lawnmower Man is becoming a reality!!!

What A Great Time!!  :D

A while back, I mentioned an error code that came up on the screen...

After looking up the error code, I found out the power supply board needed work, wasn't an easy do, as Williams did some shortcuts making the board and the error code was basically "search for damaged component"

So, after considering what to do, I discovered there was to be a Pinball Festival in Dallas in March..  We Went!

There was lots of vendors selling all kinds of parts and supplies and upgrades for most pinball machines... including modern, reliable replacement boards..  Yessss!!   I bought one!  The owner of RottenDog Amusements said this board will most likely outlast me, as well as the machine! 

Now, that's done... Time for the fun of upgrading the T2 Pinball to futuristic awesomeness!   They had so many awesome things to upgrade your pinball with... Bought 'em...  Off we go!!! :thumb:

A few views of original appearance:

Now, for the upgrades.... Sorry, I forgot to take pix during the work... (stupid forgetting brain!) It was very tedious and time consuming.  Here is what was done:

1. Complete LED Custom Color Kit... about 200 bulbs replaced with LED's !  As well as looking awesome, the LED's will put way less demand on the power supply board!

2. Side Mirrors.. Gives the pinball playfield depth and reflection.

3. XPIN Red DMD  (dot matrix display)  The screen of the game, the original is a Plasma DMD, over 20 years old.. and it has the same troubles as plasma screens... burn in.   The new DMD is full LED, Bright Red, and no chance of burn in on screen!

4. Glowing/fluorescent pinballs!  'Nuff Said!  ;D

5. Leg Protectors.

6. Custom MOD's!!  "Animated" Hunter Killer Ship:

 Glowing Eyes for T-800 in back left ramp:

 T-800 half torso with glowing eyes and illuminated body:

 T-1000 illuminated in center of playfield:

More Views:

A short video showing game in operation! 

Terminator 2 Pinball LED Upgrade... And MORE! - YouTube

Technical Area / Check Fuses 114 & 115 on my T2 Pinball
« on: March 04, 2014, 09:42:13 PM »
I turned on my T2 for some fun, and while playing, an error came up on screen:

Check fuses 114 & 115

I pulled them and checked them, they are fine. 

Anyone else have this type of error?

I guess I can't complain much, this is the first trouble in 23 years.  ;)

Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Grand "Re" Opening Of Yesterdays !
« on: February 27, 2014, 06:12:42 PM »
So, I just finished the game room a week ago, and some friends on a local forum were very interested in seeing the game room, So I came up with a little contest, and invited 5 members over.

It was a great time.  I thought it would be easier to link to the site, than try to repost everything here, as some pix were taken by others.

Enjoy!!!  :D

Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Houston Arcade Expo!
« on: November 13, 2013, 09:42:16 PM »
After finding out about this...  We went for sure!

First thing we saw upon arriving at the hotel:

Great Gathering... lots of classics to play!

Atari Age was there, introducing some amazing games.. I'm getting them for sure!

Space Rocks: This is the game Atari wished they could have produced back in the day... It was incredibly fun!

I met the creator of the game there, He said the game has an extra ARM chip which makes the game incredible, which was also made the game impossible to exist in 1982.   I definitely let him know I was impressed!  Great Work!!!!! 

Darn, Don't you hate it when you find out something too late?  Well I found out that the creator of my Terminator 2 Pinball Machine was there and he was signing Translites, including his latest pinball, Metallica.  FUUUUUUUUUUUU!  there was no way I could make it home in time to get mine, as he was only there for an hour... So I got a picture with him instead... I would have loved to had him sign my T2.  Maybe he will be there next year.

Look at these mini games!!  Cool!

LOL, an arcade cabinet on a diet? 

Play the Star Fire Video Game, Beat the machine and see the next clue!   (if you don't know what this is from, you are banned from DLF for a week, LOL  ;D  )

More Atari Age, Great console setups!

Halo 2600!!!!

Wow, The vendors that were there....  Complete Williams/Bally Midway repro board replacements!  Complete bulletproofing for your pinball.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was lucky to do this:   There was a vendor from Pinball Classics who created a special RAM chip for your pinball, NO MORE DAMN STUPID LEAKY BATTERIES!   Horrrrrrraaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!   ;D ;D ;D    I hired him to come out on Monday night before he had to leave town to go back to Ohio.   Yes! he was able to come to my house and install this RAM chip on my T2!  (sorry, no pix... he was in and out fast)   Now, my settings and scores are saved forever and no more worrying about batteries.   I definitely said Thank You!!

 Some chips had to be removed and the new on soldered on... I wanted this done by a professional, and the creator of the chip!   8)

More Info Here:

We also discovered a great mod for your pinball:    COLOR DMD !   

This company has recreated the dot matrix display to now be in color with beautiful fluid animation!  You have to see it to believe it.   I hope they do T2 soon!   Look Here:

LED upgrades for Pinball....  It was unbelievable!  Old Pins I've played before look like I've never seen them before!  I bought me a set for my T2.   I can't wait to see how it looks!   This is highly recommended, Besides looking amazing with eye popping color, it takes the strain off the power supply boards... LED draws practically nothing in power.

 Look again at Whirlwind:    Look how bright and colorful it is!

No pix, sorry.... but there is now a company that is completely recreating ALL pinball playfields, Translites, and Backglass art...  So, If you have an original backglass art that is flaking, you are in luck!

Well, This was a great time, Picked up a few Sonic The Hedgehog goodies there too!   ;) 

Looking forward to going again!   

I just stumbled across this!!

Anyone going.... Looks Awesome!!!  I'll bet there are Sonic goodies there too! 

Sounds like Super Sonic Fun!...  Wish I was there!!  :D

This is a post I made on a local forum, I'm reposting it here to see what everyone here a DLF thinks on this subject.

Idiocracy : (from imdb)

 Private Joe Bauers, the definition of "average American", is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program. Forgotten, he awakes 500 years in the future. He discovers a society so incredibly dumbed-down that he's easily the most intelligent person alive.

Every day that goes by, It is very easy to see this future coming.

 Windows 8 :  The flagship of idiocracy!  Those big dumb buttons, just like in the movie!

I'm sorry Microsoft, that you are pissed that Apple is a success with the iPad, but I'll play Angry Birds on my iPhone or iPad, Not my Windows PC/Laptop. Please understand that tablets and phones are for casual play and tasks, not serious computer use, But you've decided that you want "App Store" revenue, and decided to change everything up so we can have a Windows Store shoved in our faces every time we start our PC's, Basically you have turned a great OS into an overblown shitty XBOX Dashboard. Well, Guess what? When you start a MAC, you don't have iTunes shoved down your throat!   You are going to figure this out too late and piss off every windows user to the point of never winning back their business.  I like a clean desktop, not a cluttered pile of crap.   

But most today will just follow the herd and accept what is given them.

 Stores are not helping... Dumbing down everywhere!   Have you noticed at Wal Mart, There are pictures of the items on an empty shelf to be stocked? Nope, can't read... need pictures!

Target is only making this worse with their Idiocracy packaged medicine!

Idiots from T.V. & Movies idolized!   From shows like 15 and pregnant & Here comes honey boo boo!  Ironically on a network called TLC! which I don't think means The Learning Channel anymore!   

 Just like the movie, It seems the dumber people are... the more kids they  have.

Moronic labeling on products, Endless cautions and warnings on everything, because people are getting so dumb.  "Misuse of lawnmower may cause serious injury or death"  no shit?!   On a firecracker:  "point away from face" duh  On and on!!!!

Yes, I know pobody's nerfect, lol, but how low are we going to continue to lower the standards? It is getting scary out there!  Seriously... Down the road in the future, when you are getting old and need assistance/in a nursing home, Do you really want to be in the care of the future morons of today?

Also, it's kind of funny and ironic at the same time that Carl's Jr. is opening up all over the Houston area.  Fuddruckers (AKA ButtFuckers) has been here for years.

Thoughts? Concerns?  What other forms of Idiocracy have you seen out there?

So, there's the question.

I know our Dragon's Lair machines are complex with lots 'o moving parts and components that are becoming harder to find/extinct and expensive.

I have a HTM Card with modern Sony Lasermax as a backup to my still used LDV-1000 but I know that either won't go on forever.

I know that eventually I might have to switch monitors to an LED monitor too.

Anyone here on the forum have a "bullet proofed"  DL setup?  I guess in other words, a Dragon's Lair that you can turn on and not worry that it will break or not start up.

Ideas.... Suggestions?     :pac:  :ghost:  :spaceace:

Arcade Lifestyle / Yesterdays Is Expanding!!
« on: April 26, 2013, 10:00:42 PM »
Well, the gameroom has been getting crowded, and time to expand.  But before starting on this, I need to fix a few things around the house to improve security and to keep from dying of a heart attack doing "too hard" yard work related stuff.    :evil:

First thing:  Protecting and covering the entrance to the game room.

Before, it was wide open, fighting weather and bugs to get in to the game room, not to mention being a scaredy cat going back and forth from the house to the game room in the middle of the night thinking someone might be outside!  One time, the cat came running around the corner out of the dark, and I almost died!  I'm such a sissy.


Construction begins:

Floor Painted and sealed:

Lights Up:

Walls going up:

All Done:  Time To Decorate and enjoy.... (hopefully) No more worries about break ins... Some of you will remember the attempted break in a few years back... I tried to find pix, to fix previous post... they are lost.   Joy!!  No More running between in the weather in my underwear where everyone can see!  LOL  ;D

The Second thing to fix before beginning:  Paving in the areas around the game room!  Besides nearly push mowing myself into the grave, rocks keep getting thrown and I'm tired of worrying about breaking windows with flying debris... So lets fix this forever:

Construction Begins:

How Much Nicer it is now....  No more mowing or weedeater in this space.  ;D

Did you notice the larger A/C unit?   ;D

Prepare the outside! 

Before anyone asks...  No, that is not going to all be the game room... (rats, lol)  it's going to be a storage building too, having this work done at same time!  ;)

What happened here?.... 

This is what is happening.... This wall, It's a Comin' Down!

Gonna be messy for a while!

Stay Tuned!   :pac:  :ghost:  :spaceace:

 :o    We're getting older   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!  I still remember that wonderful Summer day back in 1983 when I first saw the game and was awe-struck! ... and just saw Retun of the Jedi!   :D

Fun notes about me:

I was 14 when DL came out!

I just finished the 8th grade, then summertime...and a freshman in highschool that year!

LOL, my sister and I called our local arcade at our mall to see if they were still open and to see if Dragon's Lair survived the hurricane that hit that summer!  ;D

Well, now it's 30 years later, I'm 44 years old... Still love Dragon's Lair, not for just the game, but so many good memories.... Way too many to list   ;)

DL Fans...  Let's discuss your happy memories about Dragon's Lair when you saw it back in 1983.   

Take a look at my short vid on the tube:

I didn't know this existed..   Glad I was able to get one!

I already got a negative comment saying I could've bought something else for cheaper and painted it...   Which is not the point...  I wanted it because it's Sonic :-)

I'd buy a pack of tampons if it were Sonic The Hedgehog 20th anniversary edition  LOL  :-)

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