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Technical Area / Zaccaria schematics redrawn
« on: September 01, 2023, 12:17:57 PM »
Hi Guys, long time ago for me ;)

I was bored some day and replicated a part of the manual in vectors:

click here for the vector pdf  8)

Arcade Lifestyle / [Roadtrip] Finish the gamecorner
« on: March 13, 2022, 06:43:21 PM »
Follow up of this topic, you may have noticed that my gamecorner has a bit of a empty space in the middle.
While showing the pictures to Anunaki, he mentioned he has a zacc and is getting rid of some games.
He offered me the zacc and after making an appointment with him its time to do something about that empty spot in the middle.  8)

Since i work close to the place where Anunaki lives, we made a deal for the pickup after work.

After dragging the cabinet from Anunaki's game attic its time for him to say goodbye to his zaccaria Mr. Do!  :D

I don't have my lease car anymore since i switched jobs, so my little car needs to do the job.
Let's transport it in DLF style, (which is do whatever it takes to get the cabinet home). ;D

Avoiding the highways with that big thing hanging out of my rear end, i have to take a ferry.

Fortunately, you can almost jump across so it does not take long to reach the other side.

Breda, thats my exit.  ::)

There was a little rain during my trip back, but the backdoor served well as a roof.  :spaceace:

Lets see what we got.  ::)

Starsplash cabinet.  :-*

Starsplash controlpanel.

Extra starsplash CPO's.  ::)

Starsplash bezel and a Mr. Do! Marquee.

To make the starsplash cabinet complete, Anunaki gave me a glass Starsplash Marquee as a bonus.  :spaceace:

Coindoor, heavily protected by a huge operator installed metal bar.
Complete though with 3 slots labeled for german marks.

3 coinmechs also present.

Coinbox is also present.

Let's go to the back of the machine.
Serial tag also there, damaged, but its there.

Original backdoor keys present, i love those details.  :-*

Backdoor is intact.

Wires are a mess, but that was already told me, and i just have to check it, its all there as far as i can see.

Original Universal Mr. DO! circuitboard.

Original powersupply with industrial "refrigurator" fan.  :D

Transformer assy, intact.

I believe its a Kortek monitor in there, not a Hantarex MTC900.

Connected the power to see what we got, lights go on and monitor has picture.  :spaceace:

It has a graphic issue, but Anunaki told me when he wiggled the connectors it went away.

I tried it, but i keep getting the graphical issues.  :-\

Looks like there is alot of red that should not be there, i'll connect it one day to another monitor and see if its a board issue or connector issue.

After sliding it into its slot, the row is complete.  8)

Nice row if you ask me, if you look close, you can still see the sideart of the cabs.

And after some fiddling around with the other zacc, i got picture on that cabinet also.  8)

For now the row is complete, and i will see when i got time to work on them again, but now its play time !

Arcade Lifestyle / [Roadtrip] Time for another Zaccaria
« on: January 27, 2022, 08:31:30 PM »
Looking back a while, my last zacc pickup was published here 14 jan 2011 (

Fast forward 11 years and one day, the date is 15 jan 2022. sjeez, time flies!  :o

As my "generic" spacestation zacc is now playable (
and the 60 in 1 has been replaced by a vertical Pandora box, its time to look for a second zacc with a horizontal monitor.
I want to play also horizontal games, so i bought another pandora box but horizontal.
As a fan of the italian zacc's it has to be another zacc ofcourse.   ::)
Started to look for a zacc on marktplaats and only found rediculous prices  :-\, i stumbled upon this add which had some bids on it, but was never sold.
Made an offer to the seller and he declined :(
I replied to the seller that the offer i made was the max i wanted to spend and did not want to go higher, and tried to forget it and look further.
As the day went by, the seller contacted me and told me i could have it for the price i offered him, that was unexpected!
Perhaps he thought about it and also that it was sitting on marktplaats and it did not sell.
Anyway, lets take a look. It looks like a partly converted Fitter to Comidar by looking at the Bezel.

Oh wow, its even worse, both the marquee and bezel don't belong to this cabinet as it is a Pac and Paint !

Love the artwork with that Cat, it screams Zaccaria!  :spaceace:

Time to hit the road!
127 Km. One way, not too bad...  8)

Not too bad if disaster doesn't strike.. :?
Have not used my little trailer for a long time, and did not even check the tires after all that time..
When i stopped at the first gasstation for a warm cup of coffee, i looked at the trailer when exiting the car and noticed something weird... :roll:

My god  :o :o, i knew it was old, but did not expect this when driving away !
After calling around to some tireshops, i found one in my home town that had the size required.
Drove very carefully back from Tilburg to Breda over the least crowded roads that i could find and hoped for the best that the tire would hold it.

The problem was even bigger than expected, The rim was already bad when i got the trailer 15 years ago and there was a inner tube in the tire already
but at the point where the valve comes out, the metal was completely rotten away !  :o
15 years in the elements did not have a positive effect on my little trailer, time to look for a set of complete wheels i guess...  ::)

Anyway, dropped that piece of s#it back off at my place and rented a trailer..
Started the trip again and after some driving i arrived at the town where the seller resides.

I did not take any pictures at the seller, i removed the glass bezel and placed that safe in the car.
We loaded the cabinet in the trailer, tarped it up and i started the way back.
As the journey started much later than planned it was already becomming dark, and my stomage started to let me know that it was time to eat something.  :D
I stopped again at a gasstation and bought some sandwiches.

Back at home i unloaded the trailer and put the bezel back.
Time to examine the cabinet, we turned it on at the seller and he told me it was working when he put it storage.
There was life in the cabinet but the monitor showed a out of sync picture, but i could hear it play blind.
I don't know if its a simple problem with the monitor but will check that out another day.

Coindoor: Check! it needs some work, but that was expected.

Bezel: Check!, Its not a Pac and Paint, but it looks undamaged.

Marquee: Check! Same as the bezel, not a Pac and Paint, but it looks also undamaged, and yes, thats me on the picture.  ;D ;D

Hacked up controlpanel: Check! Some non original buttons but at least it has the zacc style "pain in your hands pin joystick".

Cardboard bezel: Check! Not a plain blackone but a space themed one, will swap that in my spacestation cabinet i think.  ::)

Backdoor and speaker grill: Check! No serial tag unfortunately, and the lock is drilled out, not a biggie. Will see if there is some other serial somewhere.

Monitor: Check! Hantarex MTC-900, has a sync problem, will figure that out later.

Powersupply: Check! In Working order.  :spaceace:

Cooling: Check! Zaccaria "industrial refrigurator style fan" present.  :D

Transformer assy: Check! Looks complete.

PCB: Check!  its a 60 in 1 and they hacked in a Jamma connector, will have to reverse that and make an adapter.

Coin PCB and Coincounter: No check, completely missing, i have these items in a box somewhere so not a problem.  8)

Damaged T moulding: Check! too bad, but what can you do, Zacc T moulding is difficult to find, does not bother me too much, its a battlescar.

C.P.P. (Control Panel Plexi): I looked everywhere, did not find one.  :D

Coinmechs: No check, completely missing along with the lights, switches and harness, oh well, may have some in a box, and if not, i can find them.

Coinbucket: Gone..  ;D

All in all a nice restore candidate, most of the stuff is there, it will live in front of my closet for now..

I was chatting with my girlfriend, and she suggested a very interesting idea. ::)
"Why you dont sell that big closet, the glasses you can put in your kitchen cabinets, and then you have a nice place to create a gamecorner"
So i sold the closet and its ready for pickup.

The closet left the building, time to clean some spiderwebs that where behind the closet.

After the cleaning session, i put the two zacc's in the "to be" gamecorner, Very happy with it!
Great idea honey, thanks!!  :-* :-*

Long day, but mission completed !

Arcade Lifestyle / Finally after many years, the zacc is comming home !
« on: October 28, 2020, 08:13:08 PM »
Hey guys,
Long time that i have posted here, but i want to take you guys with me on a journey that is waiting for a long time...

As you might know, my Zacc's where always at my mom's attic because of lack of space (and a complaining wife that did not want such a woodenbox in the house)

Well, as you also might know, that last barrier is not in my life anymore, so its time to bring the zacc that is left home.

The other dedicated Crazy kong was sold to CKONG, and he still has it as far as i know, leaves me with the 2e zacc which was parted out completely

Time to get this baby to my house as a winter project.

Moved the zacc from the attic downstairs, that was the hardest part, 2 narrow turning staircases, but its down  :D

After transporting it in the car, its waiting to enter the house

This will be a nice spot to place the zacc

Installed the bezel, which has a little flaking unfortunately, but it has the same style as the side art.

Years ago i obtained a bootleg crazy kong marquee from SuperUlly, it will do for now.
If anyone has a Vanguard Marquee, i am interested, because that has the same artstyle as the cabinet and bezel
Same for the CPO, but i think i will have one made by Barry.

I have a bunch of parts still here, and in the pile i have 2 MTC900 monitors.
Lets see if at least one of them works

I have a Crazy kong Board set here, in fact, i have part 1 from Muerto many years ago, and i have a Part 2
The idea was to install both and use a switcher between them, but as i only have space for one cabinet, and i also like to play other games, i did order a 60 in 1, just to have some other games.
A pc with a mame setup could also be a solution for multigames, but to be honest, i am a bit tired of configuring the stuff and i want to use a real MTC 900, and thats also complicated with a pc setup.

Later more on this  ::)

Artwork / Measurements needed
« on: May 24, 2018, 02:33:41 PM »
Guys, i have made this plate one day but i lost the file.

i am reproing it again at the moment, is there someone out there willing to measure the plate on the back of a Nintendo cab?

In millimeters please  ;)

Thanks !

Technical Area / Monitors in Slowmotion
« on: January 19, 2018, 08:22:21 PM »
Very interesting  :spaceace:

Arcade Lifestyle / Polybius - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 150)
« on: October 27, 2017, 05:55:00 PM »
James did a nice job !

In this week EEVBlog's mailbag

Dave gets his hands on a Defender handheld.

I though i share it with you guys  ;)

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / Price Check Zaccaria Crazy Kong
« on: September 26, 2016, 12:03:35 PM »
Hi Guys,

I was wondering what my crazy kong could be worth, i might consider selling it.

As seen in these threads:

All original zaccaria Crazy Kong cabinet, except the contol panel, which is a reproduction:

Arcade Lifestyle / Games in games
« on: April 02, 2016, 08:43:58 PM »
Hi all

Time for a little game..

Acade games in other games, do you know the game ? (the game it's in ofcourse, i don't think these arcade game titles exist  ;) ;D )

I will start:

Arcade Lifestyle / Ice Cold Beer 1/2 sized replica
« on: September 28, 2015, 09:45:07 PM »

It is finally time to write up the build process i went through to create my Mini Ice Cold Beer.

Many of you may have seen it already in action at the last Eurocade.

Before i start the building log, i want to thank Shockman from VP Forums who created this cool piece of software.

you can find the thread here:

A little background; As you may know, every Eurocade (except for the two at Sound and Vision) i made a arcade themed piggy bank for donations.
This started with a mini zaccaria Money Money, folowed by a 1/2 scaled Pong replica.
That was a fully working game, the zaccaria was not.
Ever since those two, i felt like its kind of a nice tradition to make a different Arcade themed piggybank for every Eurocade.

As i was watching a YouTube video from Johns Arcade, i heard viewermail poster Dominique mentioning a software version that he found on VP Forums, John did checked it out in his video, and i thought, that is going to be this years piggybank for Eurocade.

I knew that Andre loved Ice Cold Beer, and at that time, nobody was bringing a real Ice Cold Beer, so i thought that this would be the perfect piggybank for this years Eurocade.

I started building this mini version, based on a 19" widescreen LCD which has almost exactely the size of the bezel devided by 2.
Great start for a 1/2 scale repro !

Also i did not talked about this build to he crewmembers untill the last meeting, where i brought it.
It was not finished yet, but it was playable  ;D

The only person i contacted about this was Muerto, who has two real Ice cold Beers.

So A huge thank you to Michael, as he went through the trouble of measuring everything i needed to build this mini.

Michael, you rock !  :spaceace: :spaceace:

Anyway, as this is the first post of many, and the unit is already done, i will post some pics here of the finished project:

It its full glory next to an Original  8)

Anunaki Giving it a try at Eurocade

Punkrockcaveman next to his Original Ice Cold Beer together with my replica

Lets start the build guys !

Got this awesome cover for my Phone as a gift from my co-worker.

I love it !

Artwork / Zookeeper Backdoor sheet
« on: September 04, 2015, 02:03:21 PM »
I just made a repro for someone in vector format.

He send me a scan and i made a vector file from it.

thought i share it here too ;)


Scan that was send to me:

Repro: (yes the pic looks smaller as the scan, but the PDF is scaled correctly)

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