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Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Asobu! Game Ten
« on: September 04, 2015, 06:13:46 AM »
あそぶ!ゲーム展 (playing with games exhibition) (Japanese Language only  :-[ )
Exhibition will be held October 3 to February 28.
at SKIP CITY Visual Museum ( Kawaguchi City, Saitama Pref. , Japan )

You can play the game are as follows:
"Tennis for Two"  1958/BNL
"Spacewar!" 1962/MIT
"Computer Space" 1971/Nutting Associates
"PONG" 1972/Atari
"Speed Race Deluxe (Wheels II)" 1975/TAITO
"DEATH RACE" 1976/Exidy
"Breakout" 1976/Atari
"Space Invaders" 1978/Taito
"Gee Bee" 1978/namco
"Atari Football" 1978/Atari
"StarFire" 1978/Exidy
"Galaxian" 1979/namco
"Heiankyo Alien" 1979/Denki Onkyō
"Asteroids" 1979年/Atari
"Pac-Man" 1980/namco
"Crazy Climber" 1980/Nichibutsu
"Scramble" 1981/KONAMI
"Space Fury" 1981/SEGA
"Donkey Kong" 1981年/Nintendo
"Moon Patrol" 1982/IREM
(Part of the game machine is limited to the date and number of people that you can play)

Artwork / IDEA No.352:Video Game Graphic Logos of NAMCO/CAPCOM/SEGA
« on: April 05, 2012, 12:54:55 PM »
A magazine feature video game graphic  release on April 10th.
infomation link

Release on April 10th

NAMCO BANDAI Games, CAPCOM, SEGA, World of Video Game Fonts, Adventure of Little Wing Pinball

20th Century Editorial Odyssey vol. 5 "Catch the New Wave"
by Yuichi Akata & Barbora

Emil Ruder: Fundamentals Vo.l. 2 The Line
Design by Helmut Schmid

Margins of Design vol. 2 Yui Takada
Interview & Design by Yuma Harada, Text by Tomomi Tada, Photo by Yoshiro Masuda (p213, 216-217, 220)

Review & Information

Appendix: Namco Illustration File

Exhibition"PAC-MAN 80's to 10's Game & Culture"

A talk show is held as a part of this event.

We can watch this show in USTREAM.


Oct. 2 PM3:00-4:00(JST)
『Rolling PAC-MAN ~ The story outside the game』
・Mr. Tōru Iwatani (Prof. at Tokyo Polytechnic University)
・Mr.Keita Takahashi (game director)

Oct. 5 PM3:00-4:00(JST)
『We will tell a dot painting now』
・Mr. Fujimoto"ANI"Kentarou(Graphic designer)

Oct. 9 PM3:00-4:00(JST)
『The business model of new contents to think about from PAC-MAN』
・Prof. Kouichi Hosoi(Prof. at Ritsumeikan University)

Oct. 10 PM3:00-4:00(JST)
『An arcade game business prosperity note of Takai-Shoukai / President Takai』
・Mr. Kazumi Takai(President of Takai-Shoukai)
・ONITAMA (Onitama Broadcasting System)
・Prof. Akihiro Saitou (Prof. at Ritsumeikan University)

Oct. 11 PM3:00-4:00(JST)
『Pac-Man as seen from the perspective of innovation』
・Prof. Akihiro Saitou (Prof. at Ritsumeikan University)
・Prof. Akinori Nakamura(Associate Professor at Ritsumeikan University)

Galaxian Theater / Do you know where we can play GT-6/GM-16/GH-28 ?
« on: June 06, 2008, 07:09:44 AM »
Do you know where we can play Galaxian3 at game arcades?

Muu-Tairiku (Oshirotown SHAO 2F, 23-1 ,Oshiroshita, Simomachi, Nishio-city, Aichi, 445-8585, Japan)

(what's new it enumerates it though it is not certain. )

Fun World Nashua (10 St. Laurent St., Nashua,  NH 03060, USA)
Dave & Buster's Irvine (71 Fortune Drive Suite 960 Irvine , CA 92618, USA)

Other information is omitted because it is too old.  (Ex. information in March, 1996. )

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