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Arcade Lifestyle / TRON restoration
« on: October 08, 2015, 09:11:33 PM »
Finally we are happy to say one of our big project restorations and iconic cabinet and grail machine for many of us finally ended and everyone is enjoying this great machine here in Arcade Vintage.

Last year I purchased this Tron in September 2014 from a friend forum member Thwocker from Holland, we arranged the pick up from Marco´s and everything was easy thanks to him.

The machine needed desperately a new bottom part due to the big humidity problem on the wood and all electric and game parts due to the corrosion... complete restoration was ahead to bring back this jewell to his former glory.

The task was difficult so I decided to relay the big task in my good friend Ricardo, Ricky2001 in the forums one of the best arcade technicians and enthusiast with incredible restorations, so I wait and prayed to him to accept this project ...and he said yes instantly with no doubt for this big challenge.  :D

The machine arrived to Alicante and after some weeks after I decided to put it in my truck to make another 900km trip to visit my friend Ricardo in Segovia.

In Ricardo´s workshop with others great cabs waiting for future restorations...

Many jobs to start with and focus in the principal problems

Separate all the componets for a good clean, test and repair.

Replace the bottom base and start to fill the damage areas.

Panel rust free and new panel overlay from

More rust free finish, coin door painted

All the major jobs to repair the wood taken and time to stand up again at last!

Time to put it all back together

This detail of restoration is awesome!

New marquee from too, the quality is very good, also all the 4 tube lights changed.

Ricky2001 on the left and his friend Javi who always help him in restorations.

I was so excited when I saw this incredible level of restoration.

Loading TRON and other machines restored by him.

My friend and copilot René accompanied me all the trip and we arrived at home at 4am after a 20 hours non stop trip.  :o

Finally saying good bye to Segovia from his Roman famous 1st century AD acueduct

Ricky2001 and Javi in our Arcade last May in the Arcade Con Event...Me personally and all the Arcade Vintage Asociation we will be always so thankful to Ricky2001 and his big dedication to restore our Arcades.

Hello Mates,

We are hosting the 1st Street Fighter II National Tournament and will be happy if we can make it International with some of you guys :D also we will have more machines on the event to enjoy all the 2 days.

The event will take part in the Video Game Comic Convention in Alicante, a good meeting for all the film,comics,cosplayer and gaming enthusiast, last year 8.000 people enjoyed the events on the VGC.

Original Poster made for the ocasion by a good friend

It will be played on 2 arcade machines prepared for the event with the original pcb Street Fighter II Champion Edition.

The registration fee for the tournament is 10 € including a commemorative cap of the Tournament, the entrance to the VGC is not included, I think is 5€ a day and 8€ two days.

40 players will fight for the throne of the best player in the most popular arcade fighting game in history.

Prizes:  1st 100€ + trophy. 2nd Trophy. 3rd Trophy

Game On mates we will love to see some of you on here and challenge our SF2 skills :D

Alicante Airport is just 5 minutes from the event!

More info here: or PM to me.

Arcade Lifestyle / Arcade Vintage Video documentary
« on: August 29, 2015, 07:32:32 PM »

Sorry mates it's been a long time but at the end we done the english subtitles for our video documentary about our Game room, Association and old school arcade histories... we hope you enjoy it!

Artwork / Donkey Kong German License Artwork Help
« on: August 13, 2015, 06:54:45 PM »
Hello mates,

Can anyone help me to find the bezel and cpo of the Donkey Kong German license?

Muddymusic kindly offered me the sidearts but he don´t not have the rest.

The machine is just like this one but without bezel and cpo :(

Thank you.

Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Arcade Con. Alicante, Spain
« on: May 04, 2015, 01:40:34 PM »

Hello mates,

We are holding the 29th, 30th and 31st of May the first Arcade Convention here in Spain dedicated to all the Arcade Asociations and Arcade Game Developers called Arcade Con.

The Arcade Con. is to connect and interact with all the different groups of Associations, Developers and Arcade game enthusiast to share experiences, ideas and spend great time together.

We will be having workshops, talks, videos, tournaments and fiesta Remember :D

The place is like a big country house ruled by the council with accomodation for around 50 people, we offer a packet of all included for just 75€ for individual and 60€ for Associations.

More info:

Our friend Salva Espin cartoonist of DeadPool and other Superheroes in Marvel Comics made this special Poster for us.

Here all events, I´m sorry this only in Spanish, if anyone is interested please contact me for more info.

Arcade Lifestyle / France goes Berzerk
« on: April 06, 2015, 10:00:34 PM »

Finally our last purchase from forum member a fantastic cab and a great game, I been looking for years to find Berzerk... we are making a good progress, not ready yet but we find something special in it and we like to share this little piece of Arcade history.

We knew the Berzerk in french was not available yet so we dumped a version of Berzerk with the synthesized voices in French for the joy of all the French Berzerk enthusiasts .

Here some info.

Now we are in the search of the Spanish synthesized version.

Chicken, Fight like a Robot!!  ;D

Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Video Arcade Vintage
« on: May 27, 2014, 10:50:00 PM »
Hello Mates,
It's great to see the fórum in good shape unfortunately I been away for a while, spending  my time in this I hope you all like.

I promise to make english subs soon.

Also some pics from the last meetings, we will starting to run as Association for opening several days a month, more tournaments, events, workshops etc... more people involved  arcade enthusiast, game developers, coin op technicians etc...and all together running wild :D

I´m sad to sell my best pinballs but honestly I prefer to focus in Arcades so I´m selling my best pinballs to collect funds for a new Arcade Project.

Pinballs are in my Game Room in Spain

Classic Arcades welcome as part of the payment.

The Addams Family Pinball in very good condition, fully working, complete and no errors, some wear around the Manssion as ussual but no scratches on the table and something like that.

Price: 3.600 € ono including transport. On Hold

The Indiana Jones Williams Pinball very good condition, some usual wear, no marks, fully working, I spent 2 months ago 800€ just in parts for the restauration + labour...

The shirt of Indiana is been painted in one area as well as the whip, if you don´t like the results you can allways buy this overlay for 12 €

At the moment only error in the mini playfield switches but my technician is trying to fix it.

Price  3.350  3100€ ono including transport

Judge Dreed Pinball fully restored 4 moths ago and good working condition, LEDs, great game.

Price 1800 € including transport.

More quality pictures and videos from the pinballs on request.

Galaxian Theater / Other Starblade saved... need some help
« on: November 14, 2013, 11:59:10 AM »


Very happy with my last adquisition, but some work to be done on the pcb...

it says on the test... NG  Object Ram...

We think is one of this ones... any idea?

more photos...

And one video, shows the color & poligons erros etc...

Any help will be much apreciate.  ;D

Thank you.

I´m pleased to inform the forum about the Arcade Vintage Tournament Classics 90s.

It will be on Sunday 1st December in my Game Room located in Petrer, Alicante. Spain, giving the opportunity to compete in a lot of classic arcade games from the 90s

All the info here:

And here pictures of the last one in October... :D

Arcade Lifestyle / My Arcade & Project in Spain
« on: November 02, 2013, 02:07:22 PM »

Glad to find this fórum, great place to be and find lots of friends all arcade lovers :D

I live in Alicante Area in Spain, time ago I started the collection and you all know this can´t stop  :roll: only if you run out of money  :D
The idea is being a  Collector, protect and restore the old machines from "Mame cabs" , host meetings and tournaments, "being a cool spot in the "Spanish Arcade Scene" started with the Tournament Classic 80s and next one will be the Classics 90s by the 1 of December.

Here is a bit of history about the things we are doing:

And here loads photos of the Project:  :D

Early days :D

Busy days...

Loving our Arcade sings...

Lots of projects here  :wink:...

More Classic Machines & Pinball Fever!

Open Day, New Arrivals & Filming time, a day to remember :D

First Arcade Vintage Classics 80s Tournament

the next stage...

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