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​Hey Guys,

For my website​ I am looking for pictures and manuals of all Japanese Arcade Cabinets available. Right now I am focussing on the Namco Consolette. Do you own a Consolette and would you like to share the pictures / manual with me please let me know so I can update the database accordingly.

Feel free to have a look around on the website. The website has been created so everyone can add pictures, manuals, flyers etc themselves. But if you prefer me doing so please feel free to reach out to me directly.



All the rest / What is your second most favorite arcade game?
« on: December 17, 2016, 10:20:20 AM »
​Hey Guys,

I am looking to expand my collection of arcade games and in the meantime I think I have a nice understanding of what the best and greatest games are. I am however interested in understanding what your second most favorite games are. In other words which games are still the hidden gems of arcade games?

Looking forward to your suggestions and it would be great to understand the reasons behind your choice as well.



Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Arcade locations
« on: February 07, 2016, 11:55:26 PM »
Hey Guys,

Since awhile I am mapping all the arcades that I can find and in the meantime I have found quite a lot of locations. Right now I have 116 added to my map at​ . Do you guys have some tips for arcades that I am still missing?



'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / [FOR SALE] MVS carts
« on: December 06, 2015, 10:23:55 PM »
Hey Guys,

I am looking to sell the following stuff.

MVS cart:

Pop 'n Bounce US original (442) EUR 50,-
Pop 'n Bounce US bootleg EUR 25,-
Puzzle Bobble, bootleg EUR 10,-
Samurai Shodown, original, EUR 30,-​

Items can be picked up in Zoetermeer (The Netherlands) or can be shipping (for a quote please contact me, EU Shipping up to 2 kg is 13 euro).

If you have any questions feel free to let me know.


Pieter ... 4.20_1.jpg ... .53.40.jpg ... .53.23.jpg ... .54.36.jpg​

Arcade Lifestyle / Scratch build - Mini Cabinet
« on: August 09, 2015, 10:03:01 PM »
Hey guys,

A while ago I bought a cabinet from Psykick in order to salvage the screen for a friend of mine. Psykick switched the monitors for me and I would take the cab to create some space. The cabinet was in such bad state I disassembled it and wanted to throw it all away but I could not throw away the side panels, they were simple too beautiful... don't you agree?

To be honest it is in terrible shape but I refuse to let this one go to waste and therefore I have decided to revive it and give it a second life. The first plan was to turn it into some artfull lamp but let's face it, such side art should not go to waste. And seeing that I do not want this cab to end up in the hellcade or whatever other crapcab lists the interweb might have I can sure use your help on this as well ;D. It want to make something decent out of it.

There are a lot of scratches, bumps, stickers and dirt on it so I am curious to see what happens when I clean it. Furthermore I am looking to hook up a mame laptop on it. I already have most hardware lying around with the exception of a CP controller. I am still doubting about the screen to either use a CRT or a TFT. I am sure the majority will vote for a CRT and it makes sense as well. I also have wood and smoked plexiglass for the bezel. I want to make the front end with prelaminated black wood from the hardware store and for the feel I might add a coin mechanism (or maybe even connect it to have it work on coins as well). Futhermore I need some new black T-molding all around as this is in poor shape.  

I don't want to make the cabinet too heavy or to big either so I am thinking of making it about 50 cm width (about 20 inch) but I am not sure if that is a nice size for width.

Anyway, this is what I wanted to share for the moment. Currently started the restoration of my Naomi again and want to do this first but of course I cannot wait to get my hand dirty on this baby ;D.



Arcade Lifestyle / Roadtrip & resto: Space Invaders Part II Cocktail
« on: December 09, 2013, 12:26:10 AM »
Well, as you might see in my profile I am mainly a reader of this forum not so much a participater. Seeing that I would like to change that I decided to do a roadtrip & restoration on this forum. Recently I had a chat with Vnera about a couple of cocktail cabs he has for sale on this forum (go check it out, he is a good guy and sells good stuff :D). After a couple of chats we came to an agreement and I decided to buy a Taito Cocktail cabinet and see whether I will be able to get it restored. So in the tradition of roadtrips here we go!

The trip was going from Zoetermeer (NL) to Sambeek (NL):

So of course the basics were needed ;)

And we need a vehicle!

So far so good, a cockpit screen for the time and milage:

Yes yes, quite the milage but a reliable little bugger is it... more about this subject later. Off to Sambeek! The roads were not very busy so I actually had quite a swift ride.

And at around 15:45 I arrived in Sambeek. Picked up the cab and started my journey home at 16:15 and ... ohoh...

Not good, on the way to Sambeek I already noticed my engine had some troubles. I didn't really gave it too much thought as the car kept driving. Heading back home I just didn't trust it and called the ANWB (Triple A in The Netherlands). The advised me to stay put and do not drive another km with that car. They showed up within half an hour and said:"You are going to be here a while, it is quite possible that one of your pistons is damaged and to prevent more damage your car needs to be towed :o

So, at 19:45 I arrived home with my car :-\

Thing of it, actually 19:45 is not such a bad time but without the problems it would have been 18:45. A well, shyt happen and then you... go mess around with the cocktail you just bought! ;D

To give you an impression of the current state:

I believe the monitor is original and in very good shape, I have not noticed any burn (yet) and its nice and bright.

The control panels are in very good shape:

Coin mechanisme is missing unfortunately. Hopefully I will be able to find a new one and replace it with this coin button (?).

The legs look like they have some oxidation but no rust. I think with some aluminum polishing I will be able to restore this chrome.

Here is that cab tag with serial:

And what I love most is the Taito stamp or whatever it is called ;D:

Another pic of the CP:

And some inspection label on the inside:

The inside with a hanglyman pcb:

The original power supply (?):

A peak under the monitor:

The chrome corners, they look pretty beatup but they are not so bad actually. The picture showes more than the naked eye, nevertheless they do need a nice polish. The corners do need some work and the black metal under part needs to be spray painted.

It looks pretty beatup but actually I am quite impressed with the state it is in. It's old, it has scratches and the top needs to be fully restored but I think it is quite do-able and so I intend to do so the coming weeks, months, years :o

So much for the start of this topic, I am off to bed now. Hope you guys will enjoy this topic, I know I will :D. Will keep you posted on the progress.



All the rest / Just wanted to say "Hello"
« on: October 20, 2013, 09:27:59 AM »
Hey guys,

I have been lurking from a distance but thought that this is now a good moment to say hello.


My name is Pieter and I live in Zoetermeer in The Netherlands. As a small child I have always been very fascinated by games, especially arcade games. It has always been the intention to buy my own arcade cabinet but being a small kid have an allowance of 5 guilders a week this was going to a project of a hundred years. In the years to come my fascination dropped but my love for air hockey remained. Looking for sport to play air hockey I stumble upon forums that actually are complete communities that dedicate themselves to the arcade hobby. This ignited a little flame into a nice passion. Since august 2012 I have actively starting picking up this hobby and I am enjoying the hell out of it ;D

Currently I have a High Tech Neo Geo woody in very nice condition and I am restoring a beaten up Sega Naomi. I do see that my passion goes out to the older machines (the '80s stuff) hence my pressence here. Unfortunately I do not have the room to keep a lot of machines so I need to be picky in what I store. Futhermore the hobby goes further than only collecting and playing the games, I rather enjoy fixing the buggers. Although I really love my job (deskjob) I really enjoy fixing the cabs and doing some manual labour just to unwind actually.

So, just here to say hi and hopefully I will be able to contribute a little more to this community as well.



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