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i sell my Prices Daphne Statue from Electric Tiki.
She is in new condition and boxed and get the number 158 from 325
150,- inc. shipping
Payment with paypal is possible.

There is a nice reportage and review over 30 years of Dragon´s Lair in the new RETRO GAMER magazine :)
Maybe someone wanna buy. I order it to day for 10,80 € shipping include:)

I love Pinball-Arcade on the ps3/Mac and other systems, because i love Bally and Williams pinballs to.
So i build me my own controller for a more authentic gameplay.

I start now to build my own Dragon´s Lair, arcade machine.
Start with the hardware and software.
I use a Pentium 4 with 3,3 GHz, for the open GL option a ATI Radeon x1600 and 60 GB OCZ Vertex 2.
today i show you the final hardware setup, with boot sequence.
I build a metal cage for all the components so i am sure i got no disorders in other electronic parts.
The fans are not so loud in real as it sounds in this video.

Tomorrow i got the last parts to build the repro of the score board. i give a report with photos when it´s done :)

Arcade Lifestyle / What is your all time favorite arcade machine?
« on: January 20, 2013, 09:24:13 PM »
Hope it is ok that i open this topic.
I have 3 all time fav´s in my list
First: Dragon´s Lair, from the first moment i fall in love as i see it 1983, i was 12 years old, and yet now 30 years later i build my own DL machine :)
Second: The Ninjawarriors, i try to find one of the tree screen machines, but never i found one. for me the music from level one is one of the best what i ever hear in a arcade machine from this time. Unbelievable what TAITO makes 1987 with the sound-chips.
Last: Donkey Kong, i can´t remember how much coins i drop in, a long time i put in all my pocket money in this nintendo monster :)

And what´s your all time favorite machine?
Damn, i see i post in the wrong category :( maybe a admin can shift this topic.... sorry for that

Greetz Mark

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / Need a Dragon´s Lair score board
« on: January 20, 2013, 06:47:21 PM »
i look for a dragon´s lair score board.
I am from germany, if someone have one or know where i can get one please contact me.
Only i found was a dealer in use, but he don´t wanna send it over to germany, only us or canada :(

All the rest / i say hello to all DL-Fans
« on: January 19, 2013, 04:42:54 PM »
I like to say hello, i am new and i hope my english is good enough that u all understand what i write down here.
Me is 41 years old, i´m from germany and my dream the last 20 years is to got my own Dragon´s Lair arcademachine.
Yet now i start the project, the hard and software is ready and in a few days i start with a mate the works to build a repro DL cabinet.
I try to show pictures and short reports her, and i can´t await to finish this work.
Only problem what i have is to found a DL scoreboard, i find a dealer in the usa but he don´t wanna ship it over to germany :(
But i am sure i find a way to handle this.

Greetz to all members of this board.
Arc "Mark"

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