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well, one week ago popped up this cabinet close to my place: the price became nice after a tight negotiation and the machine was close enought to be took up even if not a grail for me (I am more a post '83 guy  ;D)

i suppose this was the laziest roadtrip ever - 35 km  ;D ... lazy roadtrip, lazy driver, lazy topic: here are some pics of the machine after a lazy cleaning... just to keep you posted about the existence of such particular centipede bootleg dudes  ;)

Sidearts: generic silkscreened arts  :shock:

"Millepiedi": i suppose they called this "millepiedi" and not "centipiedi" because "centipiedi" sounds somehow weird ... or maybe a perception of the future?!  :o :D

Yes, the control is a stick: i thought this game was unplayable with a stick but i must say that i was wrong. In addition, the MAME reports the stick as an alternate factory supported control (in the original PCB, a couple of sticks have their own pins to input the 4 directions). They never used those pins in a licensed cab, but made the bootlegger life more easy i suppose...  :)

Monitor: a 17 inches MTC900

PCB: it's a very common centipede bootleg

Less than 3000 plays on this

Unfortunately, i found no info inside the cab to identify it's producer... up to my mind i have just seen generic cabs like this, but i will be more shrewd in the future with this, now more familiar, shape.

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / Looking for a SEGA After Burner II PCB
« on: December 28, 2012, 03:41:49 PM »
Hi guys,

I am looking leisurely  :D for a working (not working would be a "B" option ) After Burner or Thunder Blade PCB set.


Arcade Lifestyle / [Roadtrip] Quest for a special Thunder Blade !
« on: November 03, 2012, 03:44:29 PM »

Cabinet: Thunder Blade
date: 02 november 2012
distance: 190 Km one way

Some month ago i contacted a guy that was selling an Operation Wolf. I asked him to send me some pic of the cab (not a dedicated cab but a convertion, unforutunately) and eventually a list of games he was selling. There was nothing i was really interested on... apparently.

Some week ago a “weird” over-priced Thunder Blade was listed on ebay: the cab was not the common mini often used for TB (the same used for Turbo Outrun) but the After Burner upright cab! Man, i was diggin for an After Burner since day one!

Then, noticed that it was the same seller that gave me the games list some week before, i recontacted him asking for that TB, and the deal was ready!

Well, not really a cheap deal considering that i paid TOO MUCH for that machine, but you know: sometimes we must be ready to pay a little bit more to be the first of the list …

So, here i am with a roadtrip to share with you :)

The dealer was located in Ravenna, less than 200 Km from my place. I know wery well the street because i go there almost every summer with my girlfriend.

The real problem was the car: my city car cannot load it... hey: there's a friend of mine with a 2001 FIAT Doblò! Removed the passengers seats and unloaded all the stuff he use to work, the car was ready to go... apart from the 300.000 Km it had just traveld … well, finghers crossed!

The guy could not come with me, but fortunately my bro was in! LETS GO THEN!

Some random pic of the roadtrip …

The weather was not that good at start, even if the sun was “somewhere there"

Then, the sun could break the fog (maybe he was asking how in the world those two guys where trying to travel 400 Km with that smashed-up car...)!

Almost there!

Without problems (with the exception of a orange light on the instrument panel indicating an engine injection malfunction O_O) we reached the seller place... nothing of interesting there... but a fully working After Burner Deluxe I had the opportunity to play with (maybe for the last time in my life … sad sad). Too big and heavy for me (my pockets and my place). Unfortunately it was hidden by other big cabinets, so i could take only few pics when inside.

Back to the object of this roadtrip! Some pic of the loaded cab …

Yes! It's a dedicated Thunder Blade, uncommonly like the After Burner Upright !

Paid the dealer (Ouch!) we headed to a very nice reastaurant 5 Km away, to eat something and take a look to the sea (Adriatic) in autumn... i am here almost every summer (for 3-4 days) but never come in autumn …

I'm hungry now! Let go to the restaurant and have a talk with the sponsor of the trip!

Here it is: “Quarto di Litro” !! A very known brand here in Italy (also “Mezzo Litro” is common, but not suggested for roadtrips :))

Risotto alla pescatora ...

...and frittura di pesce (fried fish) with fish caught the morning... no frozen food here. The sponsor is always there...  ;D

Some pic of Cervia's  “porto canale”...

… then let go home, FAST!!

Unloading the beast …

and, finally, some detail of the machine ...

The sides: they are dedicated graphics for the cab

The internal part: there are some badass hacks here  :( , but nothing that cannot be rolled back  :)

the PCB, unfortunately, have the "dead battery" chip. Not a big problem being unprotected ROMs out there and for sure i have a MCM68000 CPU somewhere  ;)

... both flashing lights and vibrator motor are working ...

400 Km, a total of 10 hours spent "on the road", a beast of 120 Kg saved, a good  :D sponsor found: this roadtrip was a success!!

Arcade Lifestyle / SEGA After Burner: just a curiosity
« on: October 27, 2012, 03:34:05 PM »
Hi all,

being a lot of owners of this machine here around in the forum, for sure my curiosity will be satisfied  :D

is the cloche metallic or made of plastic? and what about the left lever (the speed shaft)?

High Score - Are you the best ... around? / [Joust]
« on: July 15, 2012, 12:41:04 PM »

Another "starter" Hi-Score  ;D


Original Hardware, Green label (Euro cab)
Default Settings

High Score - Are you the best ... around? / [Punch-Out!!]
« on: May 26, 2012, 06:15:37 PM »

236690 (nothing of special, but we have to start from something  ;))

Original Hardware
Default settings

Hi all,

this deal started exactly one year ago (october 2010), when a nice guy called me to notify that the Race Driving that was lying in it's warehouse was going to be destroyed if no-one would buy it... WHAT THE HELL! I could not leave that beast be given to the flames, then i told him to keep it until i could store it somewhere (i am out-of-space at home and also my father place is fulfilled).

The machine was in discrete aestetic conditions, no side arts, but complete. The monitor (a 25 inces low res Wells Gardner with a damn Zenith Fly in it) was working and the PCB gave a GSP error... it was worth the price asked, anyhow!

Found the place to store it, (a semi-grounded garage), one year ago i decided to unmount the monitor, glasses, the mirror and other “easy-to-remove” components. This helped reducing the weight to a 70%. Here are some images taken during the unmounting (i took them in order to be able to re-mount everything :) )

There are no images from the backside, sorry. I had not the opportunity to take detailed images of the inside today, also, beacuse there's little to no room and the machine is close to the wall.

But this is not everithing: the last week i went to the warehouse, just to see if something new was there... i go there more or less a couple of times per month, to say the truth, and i had the opportunity to play with very nice machines, like Cisco Heat Deluxe, various PCB's... and an Electrocoin World Grand Prix. I really did not had the space to store it, nor i was in the need for it (even if i remember i played it in the 90's and it got me at the time)... then i decided to let it go.

Well, one year have passed and i received the awaited call: the Race Driving was ready to be delivered to me! Not sure any other ware-houser would keep the machine FOR FREE one year in it's place, so thank you very much Devis!

… and what about the WGP? Well, i could not resist and asked him if we could find “the nice price”... and we found it :D

… here are some pictures i took this morning of the WGP, then. As always, the place has very little space to move so images can be taken only from close distancies  …

I think that the control panel is a beauty!!

side art

only few games played

the PCB. This game was playable with up to 8 cabinets linked  :o

the monitor: Hantarex MTC 9000 20 inches

Here you can see the handle bar, from the bottom side: the big metal disk in the center of the pict is the force feedback weight. When i played the game the FF was not working, but i am confident that it could be activated and disactivated via DIP switches. The japanese deluxe version has also the possibility to activate manual gears (not present in the euro machine)

Manuals where inside: the one on the left can be found on the net, but the one on the right will be scanned and uploaded  ;)

This two machines will be nice close toghether when working  :lol:

Arcade Lifestyle / Pole Position compatibility with pot wheels
« on: June 27, 2011, 07:16:09 PM »
Hi all,

i am trying to figure out how Pole Position (and Pole  Position 2) steering wheel works in MAME and in an original arcade. I know that the machine is equipped with an optical encoder (360°), not a pot, but in MAME it would be 100% compatible with a pot wheel if it wasn't for an autocenter effect that drives the machine straight even if the level of the joy is pressed. I am using MAME 0.106, maybe more recent versions are not affected by this problem.

 My questions are:

- can someone confirm this effect in real arcades? I mean, is it necessary to continuosly turn the steering wheel in order to keep the car turning?

- can someone confirm that pole position (or PP2) can run in newer versions of MAME with a joystick (pot hardware)?

thank you very much   ;D

Arcade Lifestyle / Help me identifying this Taito Cabinet
« on: June 19, 2011, 10:40:11 PM »
There's this cabinet for sale in a warehouse close to my place, but i cannot identify which game was designed for

The marquee has "Astro Fight" printed on it, but by my knowledge there's not an astrofight game by Taito... am i wrong?

Technical Area / Punchout!! owners warning and a little question
« on: April 23, 2011, 10:30:58 AM »
Hi dudes,

on KLOV forum i read about a problem on Punchout original switching PSUs (PP-1000A): there's a capacitor (C8, 47uF 35V) that when fails lets voltages higher than 5V going to the PCB. The failure damages the board!! For future reference, it's recommended to use a 100uF 35V in place of that 47uF

Now the question: i recapped my PP-1000A and turned the pots (there are 2: VR1 and VR2): turning VR1 gave apparently no effects to the voltages, turning VR2 instead i could tune the 5V output... the problem is that i don't remember the starting position of VR1!! Reading the schematics VR1 is reported as "I adj", but i don't really know what it controls (which current) and how to turn it to the right position...

here is the schematic

any help?

Technical Area / Some measure needed for Punch Out CP repro
« on: December 11, 2010, 11:17:56 AM »
Hi all,

having not found up to today a reasonably priced original Punch-Out control panel, i am evaluating the home made way (a freind of mine has a bender so i will ask him for "cheap" help  :lol:).

To do so, i do need some measure of the panel  :arrow:

In addition to these 4 data, i would need the thickness of the panel and eventually some dimension i am missing  :pac:

Could someone here help on this  ;)

Thanks a lot

Arcade Lifestyle / A couple of great finds: Punch-Out!! and Paperboy
« on: October 19, 2010, 09:45:35 PM »
Hi all,

even if a little off of the forum due to firewall issues (I am at work most of the time, and the firewall in my office stops my connection with dragonslairfans… damn!), I have some time now to show something I am proud to share with you… my new cabinets: Paperboy and Punch-Out!!

Images are not the best ever, but unfortunately I could store the machines only in a little room at my father’s place… at home I have no more free space :(

Paperboy: it’s in bad aesthetic conditions, but complete. No sidearts at all, there is wood damage at the bottom (not water damage, but “handling with no-care” damage), the bike controller is rusted but the CPO is in very good conditions. Some random image following:

After a fast cleaning on the internal parts (especially on electric components, just to avoid shorts) I lit it up: the image was garbaged, but with the paperboy image correct and words ok… I tried to reset all the socketed ROMs and chips, but nothing changed.

I have a couple of boards (different boards: i saw on the net there are at least 2 different video boards, not sure if the CPU board is the same or not) and I plan to substitute the “broken” video board with the other one… anyone know if the CPU board is different between the 2 versions?

video board A, ROM detail: the installed one with garbaged image

Video board B, ROM detail: untested

Can you see the differencies? Board A has 11 ROMs in one row, board B has instead 11 + 4 ROMs disposed in 2 rows... this makes me wait for a confirmation on the compatibility of the CPU boards before swapping the video boards...  :?

Punch-Out: this machine has only a piece of sideart on the left side, there’s only little wood damage, the control panel is not the original and the machine was hacked with a prejamma harness… I was lucky because there was still the original harness and game inside and in approx 5 hours I was able to lit it up… at first I had wrong colors and no speech (the audio was there, but I had not the digital voice)… but the game was working!!. Those where easy fixes anyhow: the image was wrong because connectors that give input signals where in the “inverted” position (“non inverted” is instead the right one) and the speech had gone because the left speaker had been disconnected with the new harness (did you know? The main music and effects are delivered from the PCB through one monitor to the right speaker, voices are delivered through the second monitor to the left speaker… original, isn’t it? In addition the volume control is separated so you can level up the voice maintaining music on the foreground… nice effect!). The upper monitor needs total recap (I really need the manual for this monitor…), but works.

Some random image:

Anyone has a spare Punch-out!! CP? I will buy it NOW ;)

PS: is this site reliable?
I had some emailing with the guy and he looks ok and helpful

Technical Area / Super Hang-on CP scan needed
« on: September 11, 2010, 01:53:30 PM »
Hi guys,

for my new Super Hang-on i need a good scan of the CP  :arrow:

Do someone has it?

thanks, as always :)

Arcade Lifestyle / Super Hang-on: pinout
« on: September 09, 2010, 09:28:45 AM »
Hi dudes,

yesterday a Super Hang-on upright was delivered to me :)

It's a game i have massively played when i was young, so i could not resist when one of those beast "crossed my life"...

The machine has some problem, of course (my luck, you know): i cannot access the test mode, the break works only in-game (i cannot select track and music) and so on; this is why i need a good pinout for this (i have schematics and manual, but they are not sufficient for me to see "what do what"... do you know if the pinout is available somewhere (googling i had no luck... obviously  :'()

 :-* :-* :-*

What do you think dudes: are the following original Zaccaria's or copies?

The side art looks familiar, but on the net i didn't find another Zaccaria with exactly the same arts....
thanks, as always!  :pac:

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