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Arcade Lifestyle / Re: [Roadtrip] Finish the gamecorner
« on: June 10, 2022, 12:01:37 AM »
Haha, ferry Spijkenisse/Nieuw-Beijerland. If they would put two ferries behind each other , you could just drive across ;D

Makes me think of a Drs.P song..... never mind :)

Nice row of Zaccs !  :spaceace:

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Finally after many years, the zacc is comming home !
« on: November 05, 2020, 09:02:27 AM »
Wait , what ???

LOl, I was acting as if I didn’t know already that you brought it home and was working on it after all these years 😁

Goed for you my friend and remember any woman not loving that cab isn’t good enough.... (man, I’m SOOOO lucky)

Anyway, Etienne and I already talked about it, we are planning a day of Hantarex trouble shooting.....but.....I still have a Hantarex here which should be in working condition so if things are really messed up (Hantarex raster monitors aren’t the nicest to work on) we can always go that route.

I’m not even going to comment about the LCD...... 😁😁😁

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Finally after many years, the zacc is comming home !
« on: November 03, 2020, 11:48:51 PM »
Wait , what ???

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Eurocade Crew Reunion BBQ
« on: September 15, 2020, 12:36:59 PM »
Some more pics...

Arcade Lifestyle / Eurocade Crew Reunion BBQ
« on: September 15, 2020, 12:35:36 PM »
To commemorate the 9th "birthday" of Eurocade, and just because we all hadn't seen each other for various longer periods of time, I organized a nice BBQ with the original Eurocade crew on 5th of september.

The only guy who couldn't make it there was Chris....who we missed dearly !!
All the other crazy guys were there, CKONG (Erik), Gyruss (Pieter), Patrick, McGyver (Etienne) , RobinHolland(Robin). Also there was Etienne's son Xander who enjoyed the best 8 bit computer of all times a lot :D...... and last but certainly not least my lovely girlfriend Petra...

Was very much fun, it's so weird, put all these guys together and it's retro-game talk all over the place ;D ;D

There were some old Eurocade relics like the HUGE banner, a RGE DK competition banner and the all-mighty PONG piggybank !

Sadly, the weather wasn't very Eurocade-ish (which generally had very nice to very hot weather) but it didn't spoil the fun (although we had to dash inside with all the food at one point because of rain  ;D ;D)

There was also a little brain-storming about the year 2021. In September 2021 it will be 10 years ago that the first Eurocade happened.
We're thinking about doing some sort of reunion. Not a Eurocade like it used to be, but a fun, international, gathering which will be arcade-game related but also loads of fun "at the bar". SO keep a spot open in the first weekends of september 2021 in your agenda's. And of all depends on this virus related crisis we seem to be having....but I guess it should be over by then....

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Tim Skelly died last march (2020).....
« on: June 29, 2020, 09:45:39 PM »
Very true but he didn't really was that old.....IMHO....

I loved Reactor on the 2600..... I don't remember ever playing the arcade machine.

Arcade Lifestyle / Tim Skelly died last march (2020).....
« on: June 23, 2020, 04:39:28 PM »
Sorry....pretty late to discover this but last march (2020) Tim Skelly died.

Tim designed the bulk of Cinematronics/Vectorbeam games and Reactor, Insector and Screwloose at Gottlieb.

I still love video game history so sad to learn of his death, he was definitely one of the pioneers ! He was also the first one to get his name on-screen on any arcade videogame (Reactor).

Quite interesting story he wrote here:

Artwork / Re: An amateur's start on artwork - Armor Attack CPO
« on: June 23, 2020, 02:24:49 PM »
Just looked up "Armor Attack" because I just played it on my Vectrex.

Love the game. Sadly the Vectrex has a flaw in that it is very easy too make one (or even two) tanks move up and down all the time without being a threat to you....and simply shoot off the helicopters all the time...which makes it very boring if you do this :)

There are some developments in the Vectrex world where MAME could actually be run from a multi-cartridge which opens up the Vectrex to playing all arcade vector games ! :)

Hoping everyone is well and safe. Stay indoors, fix (or maybe even play !) your arcade games....

Still epic !

Pretty sure yes.

I saw that Billy Mitchell is coming, I guess his tariffs have been lowered A LOT ever since it was proven that he cheated with his Donkey Kong “world record” by using MAME. Following that ALL his records have been deleted so....why is he coming anyway ?

Al Lowe is pretty cool though...loved the Leasure Suit Larry series.

I would have gone if they’d got some Atari guy like Joe Decuir or Nolan Bushnell.
I don’t have anything with the Amiga even though it was designed by some of the guys who also did the 2600 and Atari 800....

I'm still alive  ;D

All cabs sold to Tyrem and Jochen (by the way, you forgot Jochen has the best SW cockpit in Europe  ;D ;D ;D)

Do I miss them ? Sometimes a bit yes.

But it was a necessary thing in several ways.

I finally divorced exactly a year ago and well...the plus-minus 4 years before that were not the best of my life. Let's put it mildly that my ex didn't make it easy on me. I realize that after 27 years of marriage where one wants to quit, it's not easy for the other, but there are some limits to what you can do to another person.....but I won't bore you with this...

At the moment I live still in the same house and I am lucky enough to have found the most amazing woman walking on this planet who now lives with me here (some of you guys have met her  :wink: ). I seriously couldn't be happier and fall in love with her again every single day (yes that sounds cheesy, but I can highly recommend it).

As a bonus, I now also have a wonderful extra daughter (18) and son (15) who sometimes sleep over a night here but live mostly with their dad (but this could change slowly). All these changes naturally have some getting used to for the kids, but my son Mark and my girlfriends kids get along just fine.

I am still collecting a bit of Atari, mostly A8 stuff and the occasional oddity (just added a 2600jr. and earlier scored an Atari Touch-Me hand-held) but that's about it. As you can imagine my time was mostly taken by other things the last years.
I also recently picked up a nice 1975 Zanussi Pong console, I may open a thread about it.
I also managed to find some time to create a nice little PCB for the A8 which makes it possible to switch between PAL and NTSC. This has been fully developed now, now I need some time to get the Chinese to produce a good number of them....(I even won a price a the ABBUC hardware contest with it  ;D )

Following those changes in my life I needed to create a bit of "room" in the house. So we cleaned out one room that used to be storage only and is now a nice sleeping room for my bonus-son. Currently I'm making a new room in my attic (placed a dry-wall, it's nice to learn new stuff) where my son will move to (promised this ages ago). Then his old room will be "refurbished" for my bonus-daughter.
It's a good thing I have the extra large shed (former game room) now so I can use it as temporary storage.
After all these changes are done, the plan is to turn the former game room into a "man-cave".....there will be my 2600/A8/ST stuff playable all the time, hopefully something like a little bar, beamer etc.
All of this also depends on financial stuff......divorcing isn't a cheap hobby guys !

Oh forgot to mention that I also changed jobs. I still do the same work but at a competing company now. I already knew I didn't want to stay at the previous employer because the way things worked there but I really had to get the divorce behind me first before I could think about changing jobs. I started this new job last september.

So all is well !!! (well almost all, read on)....

I still love arcade games and was very happy to finally be able to make it to Thorsten & Dirk's this I loved every second many awesome old-friends....too little time and oh yeah, there were also some amazing games.....

This year I had planned to go there for an extra night to visit the town and the surrounding are for a change, but this didn't happen because shortly before the weekend my dad suffered a stroke. He had surgery on my birthday (nov. 19th) to open one of his vanes in his neck which was successful but he lost almost all speech and his right arm and hand are hard to control. He can still walk though and definitly knows what's going on. At 85, you can't be picky I guess but it's hard to see your dad like that when not a few days earlier he was still playing tennis...
Anyway, we're a few months further now and he's been in a revalidation home ever since and is definitly making progress. Speech is slowly coming back (very slowly) and his arm is still so-so but he will return home February the 14th. With a little help (also from my mum) he can still enjoy life even though not like it used to be.

Sadly, all of the above had some impact in keeping contact with some of my best friends here, they know who they are, but rest assure we will pick it back up once things are a bit more stable again  :spaceace:

Anyway....lots of text as you are used to from me.....

Sorry to see a lot of guys "follow my example".... I can only hope the machines are in good hands now (I know mine are) and they will live "forever". But life is about changing and moving on. And most important in finding what makes you happy. I know I found it.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: The Zaccaria WWW Picture Archive 2019
« on: January 09, 2020, 03:05:30 PM »
That brochure from the Zaccaria company rocks. :)

It does indeed !

Did you guys notice the Domino Man cab on the picture of the entrance hall ? Did Zaccaria make them in license or did Zaccaria also distribute machines for other companies ?

I can't make out what the other machines are in that entrance/reception picture.

Love all the other pics. No computers to be seen at the secretary's are designers :D

Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Re: Eurocade 2011 - Pictures Speleo_DE
« on: December 02, 2019, 05:14:24 PM »
Geez......nice memories !

16) Left overs:
- an adapter of some sort.... (Asteroids to Lunar Lander or the other way ????)
- a potmeter board for a monitor (no idea which one)
- a degaussing coil for a CRT

These I'd rather see go for free for someone who might need it....

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