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Artwork / Re: Wanted: Zaccaria Moon Crest CPO
« on: March 16, 2023, 07:32:23 PM »
Ok, thanks
and I'll do it for free so there's no confusion.

Artwork / Re: Wanted: Zaccaria Moon Crest CPO
« on: March 16, 2023, 01:51:55 PM »
Scan yours properly and I'll repair it if you can't find a scan or an undamaged CPO.

Artwork / deleted
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Artwork / deleted
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Artwork / deleted
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Artwork / Deleted
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So Paul, what is the status of your CK bezel? Were you able to use my cleaned up work or are you going with something else?

Very nice work! Awesome  8)

Appreciated! Thanks.

Clean up comparison.

Paul, I've finished cleaning your scan. There's much more work that could be done on it, but the heavy lifting has been completed. I've pm'ed you a link for the full size scan clean up so you have an option If you decide not to get your bezel scanned in one pass and professionally repaired and cleaned.

Paul, I'll have your bezel scan cleaned and repaired at it's native resolution tomorrow sometime. Just have to repair Mario's shoe in the corner.

Regarding resolution and sharpness, it's a huge improvement compared to the other scan. A few minutes of alteration on the new scan blows away the other one as you can clearly see below. Still, It's going to need major repair and cleaning. Your scanner isn't doing this artwork any justice. The different scans are not matching up well in color, brightness etc. It's great for someone like me who would take the time to match it all, repair and clean it for low res MAME artwork.

If I were you I would take it to a good print shop and get it scanned in one pass on a pro machine at 600dpi. Then have someone you know with a good work portfolio restore/repair that scan. Your present scans aren't ideal, however they can definitely be used to make a print.

Thanks for sharing that scan Paul. It's really appreciated. Do I have your permission to make some MAME artwork from that and post it for the public?

Yep. That's the scan I used from Etienne and my finished MAME artwork. Both IMO, completely unsuitable for printing. A vector would need to be done if that scan is the only available source. A vector would be marvelous to see, but preferably a proper scan from another bezel to make it as close to original as possible as there are small details you simply will not get reproduced in a vector. Example, look at the Gorillas fur. A vector of that would end up a huge mess no matter who works on it. It's a good thing you have the actual bezel in your possession Paul. 

That is my Photoshop MAME artwork publicly available here to registered Mameworld members:

 The artwork is only 4000 pixels wide. It is absolutely not suitable for printing. It's a combination of a blurry scan through plexi generously provided by Etienne Macgyver and parts of images Paul Swan made available on his ZZZ website. It Is not an accurate representation of the Crazy Kong Bezel Scan as you will discover simply looking at photos of the actual bezel. I added loads of detail missing in the scan Etienne made available and blurred it to match the rest of the artwork.

Best option for repro is for Paul to properly scan his bezel, have the artwork cleaned, repaired, color corrected etc etc in native resolution and then printed professionally. 

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