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So....Back in  1979-80ish, an Arcade in Tyler, Tx got Star Fire in and I was blown away! I was 11 at the time and since it was the cockpit version, it felt like I was actually in a space ship. Nothing else like it. I made plans to get a job and start saving for one immediately! I actually lived in Dallas, about 100 miles away and would visit my grandparents in Tyler where I’d beg to go to the arcade just for Star Fire. I thought night and day about it. I planed to live in one and thought if I got good enough that I could play long enough to reach a star or A couple of days ago I watched a documentary called “King of the arcades” and saw a cockpit version of a Star Wars game and thought about Star Fire for the first time in many years. I couldn’t remember the name but kind of remembered it was close to Star Wars in name. Eventually after trying searches on Google, I found your post. Thanks for the memories! If I hit the lottery, expect a large offer coming your way.  ;D

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