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Title: Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legends
Post by: Turnpike_Rat on February 10, 2006, 08:11:07 PM
Hi There - I am so glad I joined this board.

I purchased a Gauntlet Legends Game yesterday - Probbably the best cabinet I have ever seen. I also purcased the Dark Legends upgrade on the internet.  Looking at your Daphne Project, I came to realize that I would love to have both machines running - Which seems like a simple task. What I am looking for is a resource to buy duplicate boards for Legacy and install them  into the same cabinet using the same monitor. Or is there an easier way.

Is there a resource for side art as well - I would love to buy reproductions of Dragon's Lair  and Dragon's Lair II side art.

Lastly, do you know where I can purchase the front side of the cabinet - I would like to reproduce it and make it a multi-finction machine such as your Daphne. :D
Title: Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legends
Post by: DarthNuno on February 11, 2006, 10:56:19 PM
HI Turnpike_Rat and welcome to this forum  :P

You're right, Gauntlet Legends is one the best 'modern' arcade game cab'  :)

Running Gauntlet Legends & Gauntlet Dark Legacy is a great idea, but you need 2 pcb, and a lot of 'Switch box', in order to swith all the wires ( video, all the joystick & button, credit, etc ... ). An easy task on paper, but a lot of patience for doing it  :?

Are you an DIE HARD arcade collector ? If you're a purist, you probably won't to destroy your actual control panel...
So why don't you buid the top panel like I did, and build a mame/daphne/computer setup... and it that way, you'll able to play anything  :roll:

For the Dragon's Lair side art repro, this is the best place to go : http://www.arcaderenovations.com/store/home.php

Great quality and... under OFFICIAL licence   :roll:

By the way, can you post pictures of your Gaunt' cab  :roll:  :wink: