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Title: 2 new projects
Post by: Andreas_AUT on July 25, 2022, 08:35:38 PM
Yeah yeah, I know - I already have enough projects ( which will last for years with my repair progress ) but there was an opportunity and.. I have slept a few nights over this decision... the shipping day came close for the first cab and yes, I purchased a 2nd game from blackforest warehouse.

It is:


( hope its ok to link  this since its quick and easy and here is no upload possibility )

Mario Bros and Spy Hunter.

Man, that Mario Bros ( serial number #48 !! ) needs a TON of love. Its super smelly from mold which remembers me at my dkjr and joust purchase and the wood is damaged all around the cab. Off course I need everything new ( marquee, bezel, cp overlay, sideart ) but im already in contact with Barry - I rly like his work. The PSU is ripped appart and the joysticks are stuck. Ah I almost forgot, some cords like the power cord are simply cut off - I dont know what was the matter in the states, but I will give that MB a bit more love here  ;) ;D

Ok Spy Hunter, nice old game so far. The cab itself is in pretty good condition, but the bezel, cp overlay and sideart needs to be replaced. The steering handle needs some new color too, lets see if I can use my powder coating to refurbish this?

So far, im again almost out of space ( many cab?s are stored away from home ) and yeah, buying games now is getting pricey if they are from the states...
Title: Re: 2 new projects
Post by: rinus711 on August 07, 2022, 09:38:41 AM
Wow, that are 2 very beautifull cabs!

congrats! and good luck with the restoration.
Title: Re: 2 new projects
Post by: Andreas_AUT on August 07, 2022, 05:10:41 PM
Thank you very much!  8)