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Title: Games for sale (pcb, neogeo, playchoice)
Post by: bomberoza on February 11, 2019, 08:39:27 PM
Hi there.

I like to sell some spare original games from my collection. Im able to ship all around Europe for 30 EUR (1-5 games), single cartridge less. I can send stuff worldwide, feel free to ask for shipping costs. Discount if you take more titles. Payment by PayPal preffered, IBAN also acceptable.

1) PCBs
Aero Fighters 70 EUR
Blood Bros 70 EUR
Gunforce 170 EUR
Legionnaire 150 EUR
Lode Runner 3 JAP 190 EUR
Neo Geo 2 slot 90 EUR
Neo Geo slot 70 EUR
Rampage full boardset 390 EUR

2) NEO GEO cartridges
8man 60 EUR
Crossed Swords 80 EUR
Ghost Pilots 80 EUR
Magician Lord 80 EUR
Robo Army JAP 170 EUR

3) PLAYCHOICE-10 cartridges
Double Dragon 45 EUR
Super Mario Bros 80 EUR
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 70 EUR
Track & Field 80 EUR

Thank you for interest.