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Title: Needed: Zaccaria Space Pilot Control panel + Bezel + Marqueart
Post by: Joemustang65 on March 21, 2018, 03:49:23 PM
Hi Guys (girls?)
new on this forum so a quick intro might be helpful.
I am Joeri ( or just Joe will do) live in Leuven, Belgium (yes the home of Stella Artois) and my boss pays me the play some kind of computer game all day long (Air traffic controller at Brussels).
I have a weakness for old stuff like american cars (hence the nickname), toys (star wars, action man,pedal cars, ...), vintage posters, militaria , ....
For the moment I have only one working arcade game being a SEGA Star Wars Trilogy pinball.(oeps sorry wrong forum)
for some time I have been thinking to build for my boys (8 and 4 years old) a retro arcade cabinet, stet up with a pandora's box or raspberry pie.

My search led me to 2 butchered zaccaria cabinets, a Space Pirate and Circus, both have been posted here on the (for sale) forum and were both located nearby in Belgium. In the end this option will be a loot cooler and cheaper then making a MDF vinyl stickers cabinet myself.

Before shooting me, I do understand that most of you are probably not in favor of newbies butchering old arcade cabinets to make a silly "mame" game.
But my intention is a bit different, since i like old stuff i would keep the cabinets as close to original as possible and only remove the internal components (which are not original anyway) but keep (or bring back) the outside to original looks where possible.
most likely I will hang on to some of the removed components stored and if i find the time, parts and needed help (since i'm not a electro expert on the subject of repairing monitors, pcb's, etc...) i might eventually try to get everything back to original.

I'll try to post some pictures of the cabinets later today. see if i can get the uploaded correctly.

But so for starters I am looking for good pictures, scans or vectors of Zaccaria's Space Pirate CPO, Marquee and bezel.
And yes I know only a few are out there. I contacted Bela via MSN but no reply yet.
other option might be Generic CPO or bezel. in that case I could start photoshopping something myself.

I will probably make 2 CPO's for the Space Pirate.
One back to original setup on the original panel (which needs a lot of diy, since it's butchered a lot by previous owners) but the outskirts and rounded frontside is still ok, so i will probably cut out middle part and then sink in (routed edges) a new piece of plywood.
And a second one with a complete new made panel, with a 2 player joystick set up for the "mame" games. This panel I will try to photoshop with based on old CPO but with more buttons.

So any help on getting these graphics (being it in download or from a online seller) is more than appreciated.

I will also need some measurements of the bended marquee, so I could make a correct reproduction of it with plexi.

Post by: Joemustang65 on March 21, 2018, 04:11:26 PM
some extra info on the SP cabinet:

side art is very good, vivid colors only a few dings (nothing to worry about)

marquee has upper part of a pac man themed bezel (plexi)

control panel is a mess as you can see (but i will counter sink a new piece of wood in the center)

outer rim of the coin door is broken and missing one of the attaching points in the back.
i did buy a second door together with the circus cabinet but that cabinet doesn't have an original door, so i try to get this part repaired.
does anyone knows what material it is made of? is it alloy, metal, cast ? is it weldable?

most of the internal components aren't original.
cpb board is bad dudes vs dragon ninja
monitor is hitachi
controls (joystick buttons not original)

original parts are: parts of the coin door, power set up , power switch, backlight marquee and the "rip off switch" setting.

Post by: Joemustang65 on March 21, 2018, 04:15:49 PM
monitor and pcb started up but kept looping
made a small vid of the game starting up but not sure if it's worth posting.
i got some kind of start screen with one of the bad dudes and japnese text scrolling over it.
and this for about 15 sec and then glutting and restarting.
sound / original speaker working swell.

Title: Re: Needed: Zaccaria Space Pilot Control panel + Bezel + Marqueart
Post by: Joemustang65 on March 23, 2018, 04:18:18 PM
played a bit with photoshop today on that custom control panel
its ok but might make a few others to see what would look best.

but a good scan of the original cpo would help me a lot  ;D