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Title: (Cosplay) My Princess Daphne Wig test!
Post by: PrincessDaphne on January 13, 2016, 09:00:04 AM
Hello! Thank you for adding me to this forum! <3

I thought that you would appreciate my upcoming Daphne cosplay, as it seems no one outside of the fandom seems to get it. I just have my wig styled so far, but there's plenty more on the way!

Title: Re: (Cosplay) My Princess Daphne Wig test!
Post by: Andreas_AUT on January 13, 2016, 04:26:37 PM

where is Dirk?

Title: Re: (Cosplay) My Princess Daphne Wig test!
Post by: DarthNuno on January 14, 2016, 12:03:49 AM
Welcome here, PrincessDaphne  :)

Very promising cosplay so far! Thanks for sharing this with us  :-*
Let's hope that when "Dragon's Lair : the movie" will came out, the Princess Daphne character will draw more attention to the public!  ;)

Title: Re: (Cosplay) My Princess Daphne Wig test!
Post by: PrincessDaphne on January 20, 2016, 03:09:33 AM
Everything is complete! I'm so happy with the result :)

Title: Re: (Cosplay) My Princess Daphne Wig test!
Post by: DarthNuno on January 28, 2016, 11:40:29 PM
Q/Hi princess, can you introduce yourself please?

Hi there! I'm 21, and from New York City, the greatest city in the world! My cosplay alias is Bittersweet Rose Cosplay. I'm a singer, actress, and lover of all things nerdy!

Q/Cosplay is mostly about video game... Do you play video games ?

I do, but I'm a very selective gamer. I'm always willing to try anything, but I am definitely more "old school" when it comes to my gaming preferences. I was the Tetris champion of Otakon a few years back, and I can usually be found playing my beloved Dragon's Lair, The Empire Strikes Back, and Mr. Do to name a few.


Q/Did you try to play the game "Dragon's Lair" by the way ?

Yes! I've played it on a few different mediums. Currently, I'm trying to break the NYC Barcade Dragon's Lair record, but I have beaten the game online and on the iPhone app! I'm also a huge fan of the sequel, Time Warp.

Q/Why did you choose to cosplay Princess Daphne?

I love the way Daphne is drawn. As a woman with curves, it can be very unrealistic to find female characters to fit your body type and she fit mine to a t! The more I learned about her the more I loved her, because she's the perfect blend of sexy, cute, and fun! I also had stayed away from "sexy" cosplays for a while because of harassment issues in the past, so cosplaying Daphne is very liberating to me, since she is the first vixen character I've cosplayed in a while.

Q/What do you know about your character, Princess Daphne ?

Haha, where do I begin? Well, she's very beautiful and polished, and the epitome of sex appeal considering her references Wink I love her character in all of the adaptations, but my favorite has to be the comic. She is just so sassy and doesn't take anything from anyone! But even in the game, I just love how bubbly and sweet she is. I always say that her devotion to Dirk (when she could have probably any man she wanted) is very admirable and adorable.

Q/Did you already use the Princess Daphne costume on a convention or did plan to to do it ?

I am planning on wearing her to Katsucon in National Harbor this year, but I do plan on bringing her to every convention with me from now on. She's become a very special character, so she'll definitely be getting around!

Q/No other pictures of you as Princess Daphne? No Dirk the Daring with you ? ;-)

I have a few pictures, but I'm still working on editing and choosing my favorites. I actually do have a Dirk of my own! My wonderful fiance will be my Dirk (ironically, it was ME who got HIM into playing the game!). We're still working on his costume, but he will be with me at Katsucon!


Q/Did you entirely build yourself your costumes ? Is it expensive ? Do you keep them ?

Daphne was actually my first costume that I made on my new sewing machine! She wasn't too expensive (the wig was probably the most expensive part, since it's made up of three different wigs sewn together). I plan on keeping her for as long as I can, and then making a new one when this one wears out!

Q/What was the response of peoples regarding the Dragon's Lair theme ?

Since I haven't worn her to any conventions yet, I can't answer about in person responses, but she seems to be going down well on the net! My dream is to get Don Bluth himself to see my cosplay, I can't think of any greater honor than his approval!

Q/Any chance to see you in Princess Daphne costume in a coming convention ? A new shooting session planned soon ?

Yes for sure! As mentioned above I'll be wearing her to Katsucon in February of this year, and probably ever other con I attend (NYCC, Otakon, etc.)

Q/What are your favorite cosplay done? What are your other project to come ? A website to see your other cosplay if any ?

I'm a huge fan of the anime, Black Butler, and my favorite cosplay I've ever done is the main character, Ciel Phantomhive. I've just put so much work into him and I love portraying him because he is so interesting! Princess Daphne is right next to him of course Smiley My next cosplay I plan on working on is Slave Leia, which I will hopefully debut at Otakon this year. My facebook is Bittersweet Rose Cosplay, my deviantart is SunshineAlways, and you can find me on instagram under bittersweetphantomhive!


A huge thank you for the interview, and hope to see more pictures of you in the future!  :)