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Title: Magic Maggot Italian cab - information wanted
Post by: muddymusic on January 29, 2013, 12:12:44 PM
I took delivery of this beautiful little cabaret cab yesterday. I'm not sure what it originally was - the marquee is 'Magic Maggot', but the rest of the cab artwork is something else. I found out a little information about the Magic Maggot game - it is a bootleg Centipede made by Digimatic Italia according to klov.

The artwork on the cab reminds me of Zaccaria, and the control panel & side art suggest a game like Scramble or Super Cobra.
Here are some pictures, anything you might know about this cab would be appreciated  ;)

There are no original internals at all - apart from a small card with Amidar instructions on. This cab has always been a vertical monitor.