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Title: Stylectrical @ MK&G in Hamburg
Post by: Blanka on October 02, 2011, 08:00:20 PM
Just visited the "Jonathan Ive" expo in the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg.
Great expo of all modern Apple stuff (oldest was a Mac SE 1/20) with a touch of Braun/Dieter Rams objects to add a German connection to the Apple's).
My personal hotlist of the expo:
1: Next Cube.... damn this thing is cool
2: Powerbook Lombard: sexiest thick laptop ever. Would look cool even at todays standards for the 3kg elcheapo Windows segment.
3: Macbook Air. The only Mac of the current line that really impresses me.
4: G4 Cube: awesome machine and totally hackable to hackintosh. This box deserves a i7 22nm processor inside!
5: Sony 1st walkman: damn sexy device, even today.
6: 17 inch CRT Apple Cinema Display. You never saw a CRT tube looking so good on the inside.
7: Old Sony WEGA TV
8: Braun old Hifi components
9: Apple TV 1/2 & Macmini's. Great series