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Title: [Cosplay] Princess Daphne by Sirenirocco (USA)
Post by: DarthNuno on August 22, 2011, 07:58:01 AM

This time the Princess is coming from United States..Check this out this awesome Princess Daphne cosplay by Sirenirocco  :arrow:

(http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_1sma.jpg) (http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_1.jpg)

(http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_2sma.jpg) (http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_2.jpg)

(http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_3sma.jpg) (http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_3.jpg)

(http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_4sma.jpg) (http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_4.jpg)

Very accurate cosplay  :-*

As always, I'm trying to get in touch with her for more details  ;)
Title: Re: [Cosplay] Princess Daphne by Sirenirocco (USA)
Post by: DarthNuno on September 18, 2011, 06:02:19 AM
Thanks to Sirenirocco, here's additional pictures  :-*  :arrow:


(http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_6sma.jpg) (http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_6.jpg)


(http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_8sma.jpg) (http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_8.jpg)


(http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_10sma.jpg) (http://www.dragonslairfans.com/pictures/cosplay/princess_daphne_by_sirenirocco_10.jpg)


Hi Sirenirocco, can you introduce yourself please (age, where you're from, ...)?

I'm 24 and originally from the Midwest, although I've just moved to the East Coast for grad school.

Cosplay is mostly about video game... Do you play video games ?

Lol, I wouldn't say cosplay is mostly video-game centric, considering how many anime fans do it. But I do play the occasional video game, RPGs and rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero are my favorites.

Did you try to play the game "Dragon's Lair"? Don't tell me no, LOL!

Yes, I have it on CD-ROM. I am very familiar with all the many ways Dirk can daringly die, rofl.

What do you know about your character, Princess Daphne ?

Well, of course she is a princess. In the tv show she's one of those girls who want to get out there and get in on the adventure, but everyone is always telling her that she can't and then she gets kidnapped, of course. In the video game you don't get to see her really until the end, and...they didn't have any money for a live model so they used Playboy magazines and it shows!

Did you use the Princess Daphne costume only one time? Why specifically doing that cosplay now? Do you prepare a convention or a cosplay meeting?

Three times, technically. I went to a costume party as Daphne about a year ago, and then there were two photoshoots. As for why now - just something fun to do. I don't know if I'd ever wear this particular costume to a convention with a lot of people, I learned that there's too many things that can go wrong with high heels and a sparkly poncho that trails on the ground.

No Dirk the Daring with you ? ;-)

I did have a friend who start making that costume, but they never finished it.

Did you build yourself your costumes ? Is it expensive ? Do you keep them ?

I make most of my costumes, yes. Fabric can get pretty expensive, depending on what it is and how much you need. I sewed my swimsuit of swimsuit material and everything so it's a real, functional clothing item and that made it a little more costly but I thought it was worth it. Cosplay can be done with little money if you have the time and patience to wait for sales and go to thrift shops. I already had the shoes and the wig (sorry to disappoint, natural brunette!) and then I made the crown out of cardboard, wooden beads, glue, and spraypaint. I like to keep my costumes, but I tend to cannibalize them for other things a piece at a time so I've got bits of a dozen different costumes floating around.

What was the response of peoples regarding the Dragon's Lair theme? Don't tell me your your all alone in your group/friend to know Princess Daphne (and Dragon's Lair)?

A few people recognized me at the party I went to, but it was a pretty small shindig.

Any chance to see you in Princess Daphne costume again ? What are your other project to come?

Probably not, at least for a while. Cosplay is on hold until the holidays, so sayeth work. I'd like to maybe cosplay Kimberly from Space Ace, but I've got a few projects in the works that I already don't even have time for so it'll have to be scheduled for someday, maybe.

Many thanks for this *exclusive* interview Sirenirocco  :)

You can watch all Sirenirocco's cosplays on his personal channel (http://sirenirocco.deviantart.com/).

 :spaceace: :spaceace: :spaceace: