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Title: # BADTRIP # Touring Car Championship from SEGA...
Post by: DarthNuno on August 30, 2007, 06:23:49 PM
1st of august 2007... Pat is looking for a twin racing game for the kids (and I guess a little bit for him too  :roll: ) ... and since few days, he was looking for such cab...

He found a Sega Touring Car in the North of Belgium.

OK, Tourning Car is maybe not the best racing game done by Sega, but it's a good game to start with, and he's sure that the kids will love it  :P

So, he asks me to come with him for his very first roadtrip  8)

I  quickly prepare all the usual roadtrip stuff  :o   :arrow:



And here's the Pat Lair, before the roadtrip of course ( see his gameroom right here  :arrow:  http://www.arcadelifestyle.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=277 ) :


...a last check before to leave ... does the van will be big enough to load the twin ?


...for statistics...


Have a look a this ... Pat is doing his very first roadtrip  :o  I know he doesn't like to drive, so I sure his motivation is the maximum  :lol:


...never forget for what we're fighting for ...  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


...still in Belgium...


...yes... still in Belgium ...


We're close to Masstricht... well know for  ...hum ... legal drugs  :?  ...


Ok, on location... the seller is not present... only his Dad  :oops:

Strange... the cab is in a very dark room, and after few minutes, the 'seller' still not switch on the light  :?:


I'm asking for more light... and the game, supposed to be in a good state... is in a poor condition  :?


Pat saw only one picture before to come, and the seller said only few scratch on side arts... but as you can see, it's worst than few scratches  :arrow:



The game is working, exept the forcefeed back down on one cab, impossible to drive like that  :shock:  :cry:


Of course, after seeing all these problems, Pat is asking for a better price of course  :?

But the seller is not there. His dad is trying to contact him, but no luck  :(  :(  :(

SO... we leave  :(

Don't worry Pat... you'll found better game soon...  :roll:  :wink:


Back to home  :arrow:


Strange to miss a cab on the first roadtrip... hopefully, we didn"t go to UK ...  :wink:  ... we lose just an afternoon and some fuel... but hey, you'll find something better very soon  8)

(stay tuned  8) )

Title: # BADTRIP # Touring Car Championship from SEGA...
Post by: vib_ribbon on August 30, 2007, 07:56:46 PM
man.... that's suck a bummer, i would be so pissed off. in fact, i'm pissed off for you guys right now!!

i guess that is also a lesson learnt, never EVER go to that kind of extent if the seller is not prepared to take photos of the cab from every angle. i was telling this to the guys on Fred's website, when people sell me a PCB, not an entire cab, i ask for photos of the pcb so i can be the judge of its authenticity... as people often claim they are genuine when they are bootlegs, or when people hard solder really ugly adapters onto them, that is a right turn off for me...

hope you guys have better luck the next time, it was the right decision to walk away. maybe you should have taken a dump on their door step before you left... that'd be the Killercabs attitude to bad sellers...!  :lol:

Title: # BADTRIP # Touring Car Championship from SEGA...
Post by: Sonic 1992 on August 31, 2007, 07:54:11 PM
Man, Sorry to hear about the bad road trip.  Best bet to leave it.  I'll bet you will find another one in great shape  :D  :D

Another problem... Sometimes people have their own opinion of "good condition"   What we consider good condition is no damage, good crisp monitor and maybe just a simple button swap or marquee replacement... to others its "plug it in in and play, that's all that matters"

The best thing out of this is just enjoying the ride out there.  and lessons learned.    I Definately wish you better luck on your next trip!    :D  :D  :D

Title: # BADTRIP # Touring Car Championship from SEGA...
Post by: arcadefever on September 01, 2007, 08:26:58 PM
:(  well, you guys made a good choice...
that cab was not worth it !!!

bext time  8)