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Title: Dirk the Daring... in chocolate !!!
Post by: DarthNuno on June 07, 2006, 09:41:25 PM
Hail to Namfreak for sharing with all the Dragon's Lair this great item :)


 :arrow: The Dragon's lair 3D promotional box was given out to software retailer representatives at trade shoes.


The box has a nice graphic on the front. It contains many flyers and info on the Dragon's Lair 3D game.
It contains a scroll, rolled up with a ribbon which is also a flyer to promote the game, a copy of the Prima Official Strategy Guide, some "Ring Pop" candies, a CD ROM of the "Art Assets" and a GameCube box for the game (no game inside unfortunately)




The best inclusions are 2 Dirk and Daphne temporary tattoos, a metal keychain of Singe and in the little gold box is a chocolate Dirk, still wrapped!








OK Namfreak, can you taste the chocolate for us  :roll:  :P  :wink: